Style is unique to every individual as it reflects their own opinion and choice. It is customized by every person to suit their personality, figure, or complexion. Fashion is always evolving, and along with that, so is a person’s sense of style. When trying to achieve an effortless look, here are some tips that could definitely come in handy.


Quality Matters: Wearing high-quality items is a crucial key to look put-together. Having good quality handbags, shoes, and outfits will last you for years to come instead of those bargain finds that only shine for a few months. Save up and purchase what you love to continue to use for the years to come. Do not be afraid of investment. Clutter can be extremely stressful, and having too many choices can make it hard to choose or end up making the look sloppy. 

Keep It Subtle: Select natural hues that work best with your complexion and allow a variety of options. Neutrals not only go together, but they also look great with everything from accessories to different kinds of textures. Classics such as a basic tee, well-fitted jeans, and button-down shirts work great to make any outfit look effortless and not “over-styled.” 

When we over-style, we are putting too much thought into an outfit, leading to an extravagant look, which is the opposite of effortless. Just remember, less is more. Save matching your shoes to your bag or sunglasses for another day. Try not to look too tidy or sleek by wearing no more than one eye-catching item, roll up the sleeves of your shirt instead of buttoning them neatly, and maybe don’t add too much jewelry. Sometimes adding a hint of color to a neutral outfit is a great way to spice things up.

Always Be Prepared: Before heading out the door to start the day, consider a few things: 

  • What is the weather going to be like?
  • What are the conditions of my activities today?
  • How many different activities do I have for the day?
  • Is this a special occasion? 

Effortless style is all about being comfortable rather than trying to be best-dressed. Think of layering the outfit. Layering not only completes the look, but it also allows you to tackle different activities in one day. Layering a structured blazer over a tank will enable you to keep the blazer on when cold and take it off once warm or keep extra clothing items in the car just in case.

Fitting Is Key: Make sure the outfit you wear has a nice fit so that it looks as though it was made for you. Otherwise, everything might end up looking messy. Make sure you are aware of what looks flattering on you. This exception, of course, is oversized pieces. Oversized outfits scream effortless. Just keep in mind that proportions are essential. Wearing everything oversized might make the outfit look like a trash bag. Instead, opt for wearing an oversized sweater or fur coat with leggings or fitted jeans. Another example is a tank with boyfriend jeans or palazzo pants. 

Whatever look you’re going for, the most important thing is to feel comfortable, confident and beautiful. Be true to yourself and that’s when you’ll truly shine. 


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