Best Duffle Bag: How to Pick a Duffle Bag


A camping or hiking backpack can definitely carry huge loads, but there are excursions and activities where such backpacks are a bit too much. And the modest duffel bags come into the picture right here. It naturally brings to your mind images of gym rats and outdoor enthusiasts, isn’t it? Regardless of the image, there is no denying that the simplicity, versatility, and durability of a duffle bag have made it stand the test of time.

And if you are planning to buy a duffle bag that not only stands the test of time but also offers superb functionality, here are a few things that you’ll need to remember.

Check Out the Material of the Bag

The construction and the material of duffel bags are the prime determinants of their durability. Take a closer look at the number of support straps in the bag, the type of zippers, and the beefiness of the seams. Though you will find options like polyurethane fabrics and ballistic nylon, some of the most durable bags in this category are made of genuine handcrafted leather.

Consider the Weight of Your Bag

You will be travelling extensively, crossing difficult terrain, and walking for hours. So, you need the kind of duffel bags that you can easily carry. Now, you might think that wheeled duffels are more convenient, but you will not be able to wheel the bag around all the time. To top it off, the wheels will add to the weight of the bags, so traditional duffels are a better option.

Look Into the Volume of the Bag

The size of duffel bags is more of a personal choice because it depends on the capacity that you require. Extra-large bags are perfect for your long trips where you need to carry multiple heavy supplies like climbing or skiing gear. Shorter duffels are good to go if your trip is for two to three days and doesn’t involve carrying too many gears.

The Ease of Traveling with the Bag

You might have the most spacious and durable duffel bags ever, but if your bag is not easy to transport, it would not be of much use to you. Your bag needs to have sturdy handles that make it comfortable to hold and carry. Moreover, there have to be pockets on the sides and the front because you cannot dump all the knickknacks in that main compartment.

Think About the Convenience Factor

The convenience of a duffle bag can stem from a number of factors. For instance, you might prefer something with D-shaped zippers because finding things gets easier that way, or you might look for something with zipped and big front pockets.

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Signing Off

So, those were the five factors that will help you find the right duffel bag as per your needs. Whether you are an enthusiastic hiker or a weekend camper, your duffle bag will not fail you when the five boxes mentioned above are ticked off. And it’s now time to start shopping for your new bag!



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