Boost your Self-Confidence By Wearing a Wig

Wearing a Wig

Hair loss is very common in people of all ages, and for most people, losing hair has a negative effect on their well-being, which is why so many people choose to wear a wig. Hair loss can be caused by several factors; for some it is genetic, while others lose hair due to stress, or as a side effect from medication or treatment such as chemotherapy.


A hairpiece could be either:

  • Synthetic
  • Made from real hair

There is a company that provides NHS wigs in Gosport, and they would be able to recommend the right wig for you. Specialist staff are always on hand to advise people on all aspects of wearing wigs, and whether you decide on natural or synthetic, they would have something that suits you perfectly.

Chemotherapy Treatment

One of the side effects of having chemotherapy is temporary hair loss, which is usually total, and for the duration of the treatment, you are advised to visit a specialist hairpiece supplier. They can tailor the wig to your specification, and with 100% natural hair that is styled by experts, no one would ever know you were wearing a wig.

Fitting Demonstration

When you visit a wig specialist, they will demonstrate how to fit the hairpiece, and once you know to do this, you will have no fitting issues. The wig supplier would also give you complete wig care instruction, with shampooing and styling tips, and for many people in the UK, you can apply to the NHS for the purchase of a wig.

An online search using a business directory would help you locate an established wig supplier and you can regain your self-confidence.










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