Baby Shoes and Footwear Buying Tips


There might be no need for a baby to wear clothes in order to walk outdoors. But, there is still a need for good footwear for the child, as the feet need protection from weather and other hazards.

The primary reason for using baby shoes and other footwear is to protect the toddler´s feet. A baby girl or boy can do without shoes if wearing a jumpsuit and the weather offers a nice temperature. But, when it´s cold, the baby feet need extra protection. It is also good protection against hazards in the environment, such as broken glass, gravel and thorns.

The fitting
Shoes can be very annoying for a child if they don´t fit the feet. They can hurt the tiny toes or feel uncomfortable. As the baby can´t tell what´s wrong, the crying might actually be the feet. Be sure to check out the size and the shape of the shoe continuously. The baby grows fast, and a shoe that fitted the foot last week, might be to tight today. If you really like a pair of shoes, buy a couple of pairs, in different sizes.

Putting them on
There are two kinds of shoes, the ones that come with laces and the ones with velcro, a fast-lane-shoe. The velcro version is easier to put on the tiny foot, but as it turns out, it also falls off easier. The traditional ones with laces are trickier to put on, but stay better on the foot.

Learn how to walk
And No. The child doesn´t need any shoes in order to get the walking going. It is easier for the baby to get the balance right barefoot. So if there is a need to put a shoe on the small feet of a child when practicing walking, be sure to pick a shoe with a very soft sole.


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