How to accessorize your lingerie


Do you wear lingerie but want to know how to raise the sex appeal? Or you like to wear lingerie but feel incomplete with your look? Well, putting on lingerie is the same as wearing a dress for the day. It works as a base, but you need to accessorize. Yes, you can accessorize your lingerie. Once you have your sexy lingerie wholesale collection in your hands, you can start with how to accessorize your lingerie:

Begin with hosiery

When you think of styling your lingerie, the very first thought which strikes your mind is thigh high stockings. Well, it is the simplest way to look sexy. But, you have different styles available in the market. However, the best ones to focus on are lace top, fishnet, and solid top.

Lace top thigh high stockings have floral lace at the top. They go well with the lingerie with lace on them, for instance, lacey teddy lingerie.   

Solid tock stockings can be paired with anything. They are an accessory with a lace piece or mesh. They make your leg appear longer and the retro vibes can make your love mad for you.

Fishnet stockings are the sexiest. They are available with smaller holes or a diamond net. The size of the hole affects your lingerie look. 

Include jewelry

Once you have worn your sexy lingerie and stockings, you can include jewelry to elevate your look. However, your lingerie jewelry isn’t your everyday pendant. The jewelry draws attention to your neck and curves. If you want to look ultra-sexy then a choker would do that or a collar with a seductive leash. You can also try the rhinestone necklaces.

Apart from this, a body chain could also work as a charmer for your lover. Team with a lusty bra set and highlight your curves. With the right jewelry, you would feel like a desired babe in front of your partner.

Complete your look with shoes

You don’t need to be an adult movie star to don sky-high heels.  The heels will not raise the hotness meter but also boost your confidence and your look. Seriously heels change the way you look and walk and give your buttocks a great uplift. So, if you want to look ultra-sexy in the bedroom, then this is one thing to go for.

Platform sandals, latex boots, and thigh-high are classic options to be teamed with plus size womens lingerie. Be it babydoll or teddy lingerie, you can wear them with any of these.

Naughty accessories

Lastly, if you want to raise the bar extremely high, then add some naughty accessories to your list. A romantic mask would hint to your partner that you are in a sultry mood. A flirty leg garter will give you a sexy vintage appearance. 

So, without wasting any more time, just check out the Lover-Beauty best deals black friday 2020 and place your lingerie order now. Mix and match with the right accessory mentioned above to complete your look and give your partner the best surprise of the bedroom.  



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