5 Basic Rules of Wearing Pearl Jewelry at Work


With genuine pearl jewelry, a woman can make her work attire look fashionable and elegant. The amount to be worn at workplace will depend on your job type; image you desire to project and is there a company dress code prescribed that includes jewelry. In every kind of working environment, you will certainly find pearls that will brighten your outfit.

5 basic rules of wearing pearl at workplace

  1. Keep it classic

Usually, wearing a single pearl item for work is sufficient. Adorning the whole pearl jewelry set including a necklace, double pearl earrings and bracelet is great for an evening event but too much for a day to be spent in the office.

  1. Keep it comfortable

The discomfort felt when you wear tight shoes, putting on a pair of earrings that hurt or wearing too much pearl jewelry that gets in your way can make you feel uncomfortable. The day at work may seem long and frustrating. Therefore, while dressing every morning for work bear in mind your whole day’s activities that need to be performed at office.

  1. Simple is BEST

A chunky bracelet or opera length pearl necklace or ostentatious earrings may hinder in your work or distract your customers and colleagues. Therefore, choose classic but simple jewelry to embellish your outfit.

  1. Safety FIRST

In specific professions like school, medical practice or working with unsafe equipment, it is against business policy or improper due to hygienic requirements and kind of duties carried out to wear pearl jewelry around the neck or on the arms. In case, you are unsure ask your colleagues to get familiar with how to wear pearls in best way.

  1. Add splash of color

When you surround yourself with fine colored pearl bracelet or necklace, you day at the office gets brightened up. Colored pearls ranging from creamy white to grayish black including surprising overtones of gold, peach, silver, and rose look stunning. They liven a crisp white shirt revealing your personality while maintaining a formal and neat appearance.

If you work in creative or contemporary sector then layering and stacking pearl bracelets or necklaces tones with the territory.


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