What You Need for the Best Tattoo choices


From beautiful floral designs to small graphic symbols and quotes, there are so many options when it comes to tattoos. The larger and more colorful designs will always be appreciated, but if you look for a more discreet, small but significant one, you’re super lucky, because the 2019 tattoo trend is just that.

Who needs earrings when your ears are permanently so cute?

This is the perfect accessory for your ankle jeans. Remember, not all tattoos must have meaning, sometimes it’s just fun to inject some color into your life.

  • While roses have always been a classic choice for floral tattoos, we have noticed an increase in the popularity of daisy designs on Instagram. This is the linear and simple, a hymn to spring.
  • Wear your love of autumn as a badge of honor on your thigh with this delicate leaf tattoo.
  • Why not celebrate the pride every day of the year? This colorful rainbow is cute and meaningful.
  • There is a little inspiration for those who want to show their support to strong and iconic women through a tattoo. We love how colorful and powerful this design is.
  • If you can’t make yourself stand out from the hollow of the collarbone with the bronzer, this delicate floral design will surely attract attention.
  • Minimalist tattoos could be the center of attention, but we really like the landscape-inspired ink, perfect for wander luster.

How adorable are these rosy promises?

A wonderful way to keep a memory alive, to never forget the important affections of our lives.

Mad about avocado?

If the answer is yes, then this tattoo is certainly for you. A palm-shaped feel is immediately summer and a relaxing and temperate climate. The trend of ‘drawing tattoos’ thanks to sun cream is particularly common in the United States and among adolescents. On social networks, however, there are also posts condemning the new fashion. With the (Aureo Roma Tattoo & Gallery) Tattoo Rome option this is the best option.

A new fashion that is dangerous to health is spreading. It’s called “Sunburn art” and consists of drawing tattoos on the skin with the sun’s rays, thanks to the use of sunscreens limited to the contours of the image to be obtained, or with adhesives that protect only small portions of skin. From the burn a “tattoo” emerges to be published on Social Networks. The designs then disappear, while the damage on the skin remains.

The trend is particularly common in the United States and among adolescents. The hashtag #sunburnart has also become a trend on Twitter in a few days. On Social Networks, however, posts of bold tattooed men alternate with those in which the new fashion is condemned. Given the popularity of these sunburned tattoos, dermatologists warn of the risks caused by prolonged exposure to the sun without protection. A ‘bad habit’ that promotes skin aging and skin cancers. Doctors fear that the attraction for this new fashion will make people forget about years of information and campaigns for the prevention of melanomas. Increasing health risks is affected by the fact that often these ‘drawings’ are made on areas of the body that are usually protected because they are not exposed to sunlight. The skin is not used and the damage can be even greater.


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