Outlining your hair type

Outlining your hair type

Like most people you might fall into trouble in understanding what hair product you have to be using. Now the question is you might be lacking somewhere. Before you go on to choose the best dandruff shampoo for men you need to be aware of your hair type. If you are not aware of your hair type the choice does seem to become a lot difficult.

The time is right so that you are aware of your hair type. Once you are aware of the hair type you can resort to the best of solutions. Certainly it is not going to be trouble for you in figuring out the best products once the hair type is clear. In the same manner as there are plenty of hair products, so is the case with varied hair types. In fact the overall hair type outlines the hair solutions that you possess.

How exactly the hair type is determined

A lot of factors come into equation as far as the hair type is concerned. It can be the density, greasiness, elasticity or cut pattern. By now you might be anxious to know about the hair type you possess as there are a series of tips that make the task a lot easier.

Hair density

Have you ever gone on to outline the density of your hair? By hair density it refers to the amount of hair you are going to have on the scalp. From the diameter the thickness differs.  Being aware of the hair type would enable you to choose an anti dandruff shampoo for men in an easy manner. Based on the levels of density your hair can be divided into 3 types

Here you need to conduct a mirror test. Once you are aware of the hair type it does become easy to figure out an optimum solution based on your requirements. What you have to do is embrace a chunk of hair and then pull it on one side. The extent by which you can find the scalp is going to give you an idea about the density of your hair.

Hair porosity

If the hair strands are known to shrink to the bottom fully, then you are having hair with higher porosity. But at the same time it is more prone to damage as the hair is known to absorb chemical products from the environment. The hair might also get rough. Another experience of it is that the hair would become dry once you go on to wash it. Just remember at the same time if you use the best products as far as hair is concerned you can get rid of the dandruff.

Now what happens if the hair starts to float on the surface as this is an example of low porosity? Since the hair has few pores the capacity to absorb water is lesser. Even the hair is going to take a long time to dry.

From the above discussion you might be able to choose a hair product based on ratings and reviews.


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