Jewelry Repair Tips For Jewel Owners

Jewel Owners

Jewelry is full of gloss and shimmer, when you first buy it. At the early stages, it will seem like it is the most valuable thing that we can ever buy. But most jewelry doesn’t stay the same and lose their gloss and functionality over time. Due to regular wear, your jewelry might not be as durable as it was in the initial stages. Over time, the piece of jewelry might need some repair and even replacement.

Replacing jewelry means spending a hefty amount of money again. So, repairing is the best option. Every jewel has its own life cycle. Even the sturdiest of the jewelry can suffer damage. Though there are chances of preventing the damage by getting a jewelry repair in Albuquerque, the chances are less that your jewelry will remain the same way always.

Here are some hands-on tips that will help you maintain your jewelry in its best condition –

Service Your Jewelry Frequently

Getting your jewelry maintained by an expert in jewelry repair Albuquerque will benefit you to a great extent. A regular assessment will keep your jewelry in pristine condition. Make sure to inspect your jewelry for any dents like – lose stones, thinning band, worn out prongs, etc. This will not only keep your jewelry in good condition, but will also offer you a peace of mind that your jewelry will last long.

Store your Jewelry carefully

It is essential to have the best storage facility to keep your jewelry clean and free from any tarnish. This will increase the lifespan of the jewelry, limit the need to clean the jewelry often and protect the jewelry from scratches. You can choose to store in airtight containers to prevent such issues.

Avoid swimming pools when wearing jewelry

Swimming pools tend to have harsh chemicals. These substances can cause severe damage to any metal jewelry. Even the chlorine present in water can discolor the metals, spoiling the appeal of the jewelry. So, avoid entering the pools when wearing jewelry. In case if you find a broken piece of jewelry, consult one of the reputed jewelry stores in Albuquerque that offers a professional jewelry repair.

Caring for your Diamond

Diamonds are considered to be the toughest material on earth. But, it can crack easily if hit badly. In this case, a skilled jeweler can help you re-cut the diamond to a smaller size and enclose to the jewelry, or cover it with prongs.

Jewelry is prone to wear and tear, hence extra care is required to avoid any damage. But, don’t worry most jewelry or watch repair Albuquerque NM can be repaired and brought back to their original form by a skilled jeweler/craftsman. They will help you get back the originality of the jewelry.


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