How To Style Your Skin Tights?

skin coloured tights

Gone are the days when nude tights were worn only by grandmothers. Now, skin colour tights are considered to be highly fashionable only if paired with the right choice of clothing and shoes. Moreover, these tights are the perfect pieces which you can wear in the chilly weather with your favourite summer skirt. As fashion rules aggressively change every now and then, let’s have a look at how to combine these nude tights with clothes and shoes.

Basic rules

Wear a dense tight when you choose dense clothing. If you are wearing synthetic or cotton materials, do not wear tights which are more than 20 deniers. A thick tight up to 40 deniers looks great with woollen dresses or denim skirts. However, avoid wearing them with business suits. Cheaper options necessarily do not mean that you save a great deal. It may lead to unnecessary fold, uneven colour, no stretching and a lot more.


Keep the weather in mind when you are choosing tights. You do not have to wear them if it is too hot outside. In minus temperature, light tights cannot save you from catching a cold. If you are planning to go to a nearby grocery, which is a couple of minutes away, a pair of nude tights under a short dress is good to go!


Skin colour tights go pretty well with open shoes, boots and heels depending on the choice of your clothing. However, many fashion enthusiasts have created a chic, casual look by combining sneakers, loafers and flats with tights; you can choose shoes according to the weather outside. It is recommended never to wear tights without heels. It gives a royal look. If you are wishing to wear boots, nude tights should not be your choice.

Base colours

Nude tights are an apt choice for office goers. But, make sure that these are transparent enough to create an illusion that you are wearing nothing on your legs. This is why instead of shimmery shades; pick the matte base colours that resemble your skin tone. Whether it is your regular office or having a business lunch with your clients, nude tights are always comfortable and friendly outfits.


Nowadays, transparent tights come with various designs and patterns to create optical illusions. Some tights imitate tattoos but never go overboard with them. Too many designs or patterns may make your legs look bruised. Choose subtle designs that can give you an overall attractive look. Fishnets may look a disaster with mini shorts or skirts and open shoes.

Skin colour tights are wardrobe staples and the most favoured piece of clothing in all the seasons. Whether you prefer it plain or want to create a fun look, these tights let you play with different outfits. Go for a natural finish with even colours and no folds because that will make your legs look flawless and ultra-fine without making people realise that you are wearing tights. Try styling it with various lengths of shorts and dresses, and do not forget to add layers when you are out in the winter.


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