How to choose your prom dress with Jovani in 10 steps


Once in a lifetime is the day when you have to wear the most glamorous prom dress anyone has seen that leaves everyone with their mouths open. Why not make your prom party one of those times when you look at a beautiful, perfect and gorgeous prom dress? Keep reading the article to find out how can help you do it.

  • Look in advance for the prom dress you will wear at the prom party. You may not know the date of the party yet, but you can start checking out Jovani´s websites and some stores in advance, remember to choose your dress with plenty of time before the party.
  • Make a budget of the ideal dress, at least four or six weeks before the prom party, so you know everything you need. Most prom dresses need some cute accessories for a perfect fit, and you can count on enough time to be able to make all the necessary adjustments. Calculate the budget for your prom dress and start saving as soon as possible. Make sure you can count on extra money for small accessories such as hair clips, pantyhose, and makeup.
  • Make sure the prom dress you choose is not one that all your friends would pick. You must have a different one. Be yourself or if you plan to go the same with a friend that could work too.
  • Observe some famous people at events on social media with the help of the internet, take notes of the different styles they use to define yours. You can find a similar prom dress in our large categories for prom dresses.
  • Try the dresses in different models and cuts until you find the one that best highlights the shapes of your body. If you are a slender figure, you will look better with a tube dress that better highlights your silhouette. If you have curves, you can take into account wearing a V-shaped dress that will emphasize your waist and minimize your hips and thighs. If you’re short and thin, dress stores can be a nightmare for you: cocktail dresses will look broad, and cocktail dresses will look prom dresses. If you are looking for a longer dress, choose a short one that fits you long. The dress will fit better where you go, and it will not be too long either.
  • Once you have decided on a type of dress for your prom party, try them in different colors and with different finishes. Look for some glamorous shadows that highlight the color of your face. When choosing the finish of the fabric, keep in mind that while the finishes are brighter, these will highlight the defects in your figure, while the matte finishes will cover and reduce any undesirable details.
  • Start buying shoes and accessories at least two months before the prom party. In this way, you will be able to try on the shoes, the clutch, and the dress together. If you do not like how they go along, you can at least return the purse and shoes within the time allowed.
  • Make sure not to buy your dress too early, because before the date of the event you may lose or gain weight, either by stress or something else such as menstrual cycle, problems with the groom, anxiety or changes of the season (winter in contrast with spring).
  • Two weeks before your prom night, try on the prom dress with the heels, jewelry, makeup and hairstyle you want to wear that day to see if you like the chosen style. Walk and move around inside your room with the dress on to check your comfort.
  • On the night of your prom, put on the dress and something on top (any shirt or jacket that is clean) before putting on makeup or making the hairstyle you have chosen. This will prevent makeup or any other product from staining your fabulous promotional dress.

Some Extra Tips

  • If you wear the dress before doing your hairstyle or before putting on makeup, put a towel or button a shirt around your dress to avoid any kind of stains and terrible accidents with food, drink, makeup, etc.
  • On the other hand, you probably want your prom dress to be a surprise, or that your friends wear a type of dress very different from yours. So that does not happen, ask your mother or your sister to accompany you and please, don’t fell for previous trends, read the The GQ Guide to Prom by GQ to watch out from it.
  • Ask one or two friends to give you their opinions when you are trying on the dresses. It is better to always have two or three opinions before making an important purchase.


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