Accessorising Your Look with a Clutch Handbag


A clutch bag is an ideal accessory for a number of outfits. You just need to know which clutch to carry with what look. Not only is this type of bag practical, it lends just the right touch to your overall appearance.

Accessorising a Clutch with Denim

One of the great and unique looks to embrace is pairing a clutch purse with denim. Just make sure the outfit features two shades of denim for interest. Carry a bold or patterned clutch, such as a leopard print.

A Multi-coloured Clutch

You can also complement the look of a pastel dress by including a multi-coloured clutch. Pairing these two looks will give your pastel outfit just the right vibrancy. Carry a clutch that can hold all your essentials, such as makeup, a pocketbook, and your mobile phone.

Beaded Embellishments

A beautiful way to enhance the look of a sheer top is to carry a clutch with beaded embellishments. This will give the whole style a boho feel. Give the look emphasis by carrying a clutch that complements this type of fashion.

A Casual Laid-back Style

If you are seeking a casual laid-back style, why not combine a wrap-around sweater with a larger rectangular clutch for a simple and fashionable look? A button-down shirt and denim jeans can also be nicely matched with a textured or leather clutch bag in dark red or maroon.

A Pop of Colour

A white dress always is a great way to achieve a clean and sophisticated look. Therefore, adding designer clutch bags to white apparel always adds a pop of colour. In this case, why not choose a bold royal blue rectangular clutch to complete the look?

Play Down Your Look

If you wish to wear a casual dress or shirt dress, make sure the clutch you choose conveys a casual look as well. In this case, you may want to opt for a played-down bag in a black or dark brown shade.

Carry a Clutch When You Wear a Poncho

Carrying a clutch purse is also a good move to make when wearing a poncho. For example, a light blue and dark blue poncho looks great with a clutch that features the same colours. Include a splash of beige to add a bit of contrast.

Accenting the Look of Your Maxi Skirt

Your look will be stylish and sleek if you opt to carry a small clutch with a maxi skirt. For example, a pink and white beaded clutch is a nice accessory to include with a white or light beige maxi skirt and blouse.

The Ideal Accessory

If you are not sure what purse to wear with ripped jeans, you will never go wrong by choosing a clutch purse. In this case, a clutch in rainbow hues, such as light pink, aqua, and pale green is the ideal accessory.


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