Going to fashion school online may seem counter-productive, like cooking without tasting, but today’s online fashion schools could be the wave of the future. With the average individual spending upwards of 14hrs a week online, maybe education online isn’t such a foreign concept. Academy of Art Online is an online educator that boasts interactive classes, personalized programs, and a diverse student body from over 90 countries. Let’s examine the Pro’s and Con’s of enrolling.


  • Convenience – Your schedule becomes a moot point as long as you can block out the necessary hours to complete the coursework. The lack of commute and the resources that are just one click away add appeal to any online course. No matter what the hour, students are able to log on and access a fully array of information. The best part? Students still have student-to-student and student-to-teacher relationships with the ability to chat and message their peers and instructors.
  • Cost  – With no additional cost for room and board it’s no wonder these sites are so popular, making education accessible to people in remote areas. The cost of living and supporting oneself in most major metropolitan area is not feasible for all. The heavy financial strain prevents many from going to school far from home, or enrolling at all. Online education allows users with limited resources to access knowledge like never before.


  • Lifestyle – Though online school does allow one a plethora of freedoms, it also limits ones lifestyle. Many parents argue that one of the major benefits of college and university life is that it prepares young adults for the real world. These kind of arguments usually surrond life skills not taught in a classroom for example: financial planning, cooking, managing a social schedule and a school balance, living independently, etc. Is online school too far removed from reality to provide these benefits to its students?
  • Quality – Is the teaching up to snuff? Perhaps, but not every learner is perceptive enough to replicate instruction based on video. Many students find hands on learning is more beneficial to their grasp on a particular subject. This kind of learning does not always come from an instructor, but may be the result of peers aiding one another on group projects. No matter what the quality of an online school, they will never be able to offer this kind of one-on-one instruction
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