What to Look for in ABeginner-Friendly Metal Detector


We’ve hundreds of trusted and established metal detector brands, with most of these having features ideal for users with different skill levels. There are some perfect for beginner users and others ideal for those experienced in treasure hunting. If you are in search of a beginner-friendly metal detector to hone your skills in treasure hunting and become a pro hunter, here are the things you should consider.


The first critical aspect of consideration while buying a metal detector is its cost.  The prices of different detectors will differ, depending on the store and the brand. It will save you real money comparing multiple suppliers and stores so you can discover one with the best prices. Through comparing deals from multiple suppliers, chances of finding the most affordable dealer will be likely to be multiplied.

The Available Accessories

Metal detectors are usually sold in packages that include the needed tools and accessories. If you discover good retailers, you will be offered with extra accessories such as secondary coil, pinpointers, and pair of headphones. However, it’s good to remember that most of these added features are not of the best qualities and may not be worth the added costs. But don’t ignore some good additions in fear of spending more money to get low-quality products. It won’t hurt anything reading the customer reviews to know what previous customers think about the products you are about buying.


The shipping costs and services are another fundamental consideration. Different retailers will offer shipping at varied rates. Not only that, the waiting time for the goods after the retailers approve the shipping will always vary.  It will be good to know how long you will have to wait for the metal detectors to be delivered and the delivery costs, as well.

The Warranty and Guarantees

You must as well check manufacturer warranties and guarantees. Most retailers offer warranties for periods ranging from two to five years. Don’t be quick to settle for a manufacturer because they claim to offer long-lasting warranties. Check what their customers say about their responses to customer queries first. You must ensure that you are settling for a manufacturer who will be ready to take back detectors that don’t match customer requirements. If clients don’t be satisfied with the way a supplier handles the return of products, you should think twice before you go ahead to buy products from them.

The reputation of the Supplier

In buying metal detectors, don’t forget to check the reputation of the manufacturer and supplier of choice. It won’t make sense working with a manufacturer or supplier before you’ve researched their reputation and track record. You can only get the best beginner friendly metal detector from trusted manufacturers and suppliers.


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