What Lies Beneath: The Importance Of The Right Bra


The wrong bra can alter the shape of your chest and even cause back problems, whereas the right bra can prevent sagging and retain shape for longer.

Did you know that the most important part of your closet is not your tops or pants, but your bra?

Think about it. You wear a bra every day, but there are chances that you’re wearing the wrong one. Globally, there are more wrong bra-wearers than women who have been fitted for the right bra. The signs of a wrong bra are straps cutting into the skin and causing welts, sagging cups, oddly shaped chest (such as a ‘uniboob’) and unseemly bulges under your clothes.

Here’s why you need the right bra:

* It provides support during physical activity.

As a woman invested in your personal fitness and who likes to have a trim figure, you know that the wrong bra can spell havoc with your breasts and back. An ill-fitting bra does not provide adequate support when you run, skip or even practice your kickboxing move. Instead of a standard issue bra, try a sports bra for the best support – the underwire supports the breasts by sitting on the breastbone, and the cups are supported right up to the shoulders and down the back, so there is little discomfort or pain when the breasts bounce. Besides, they hold the breasts in check when you run or skip instead of embarrassing you with a high bounce.

* The right bra provides adequate coverage without causing discomfort.

Does your current bra cover only the barest parts of your breasts? Do your breasts look like they are ‘spilling over’ the top of the cups? If you answered ‘Yes’ to both these questions, it means that you are wearing the wrong bra. Not only should the bra cups cover most of your breast, it should do so without digging into the skin. The spilling effect occurs when the cups are too tight – get yourself measured at the store if you are unsure about your bra size. Some online shopping apps and lingerie retailers also guide you on measuring your cup and underwire size online.

* It fixes the problem of sagging breasts.

The right bra is supposed to offer support without you having to constantly adjust the strap length. Getting the right sports bra or a standard issue bra for your chest helps to keep sagginess away for longer. We recommend wearing a sports bra if you have sagging breasts even when you’re not indulging in a physical activity. The problem with sagging breasts is that gravity and age constantly work to loosen the breasts and make them less perky over time. So you will need the right sports bra to help perk up your breasts under your clothes. You can even try a padded sports bra for more definition.

* It makes your figure look more attractive.

The purpose of a bra is not just to cover your modesty, but to make your figure look attractive. A well-fitting bra can go a long way in giving you the right amount of cleavage, the perfect perk and to also contain large breasts so that they look proportionate to the rest of your body. The right bra can add shape and definition to your upper body.


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