Volume Lash Training – Application and Maintenance Tips for Clients


Eyelash extension training programs are becoming very popular these days. Many professionals who are interested in making a career out of eyelash extensions are taking certified courses in the subject. These programs teach students how to apply eyelash extensions for their clients. The procedure of application takes lesser time with a certified professional over a novice who learns the procedure from DIY videos. Certified training programs have a unique advantage over DIY courses as esteemed professionals in the industry conduct them, and under their guidance, you can learn how to apply and take care of the eyelash extension needs of your clients with success.

Volume lash training- enroll for certified programs and expand your business

With volume lash training courses, you effectively are able to enroll for certified programs and expand your current business. Application of these eyelash extensions is not enough; you must ensure that you instruct your client on how to take care of them properly so that there are no infections or discomfort. You should show clients how they should maintain their eyelash extensions on a daily basis so that they face no problems at all.

How to take care of eyelash extensions?

In order to take care of eyelash extensions, the lashes need to be brushed out daily in the morning with the right brush. You can also use a mascara brush to even out the lashes. You should instruct your clients to sleep on their back every night so that the lashes do not take much time to comb out.

The mascara rule for eyelash extensions

Remember, if you have eyelash extensions, you do not have to apply mascara on them. However, if you really wish to enhance them a little, you should apply mascara on your eyelashes very carefully. Experts in the field say when you apply mascara on the base of your eyelash extensions, they give you a clumpy look. You should advise the client not to curl the eyelashes before the application of mascara as this generally pulls the extensions to make them fall off. If you have to use mascara, make sure you avoid the waterproof ones as they are very hard for you to remove. Avoid wearing mascara with an oil base as they make the adhesive loose.

During the volume lash training course, you need to tell your client to remove all the signs of makeup before they go to sleep. Remember, since your client is wearing eyelash extensions, instruct them to use wipes that are pre-moistened. They will remove the makeup completely. Experts in the field suggest you should never use make-up removers that are oil based. They will make the adhesive loose, and your eyelash extensions will start to fall off. If you are wearing eyelash extensions and have to remove the makeup, do so very gently. This will clean the area and stop the eyelash extensions from falling off. In case, the eyelash extensions fall off naturally, replace the missing pieces with new ones!


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