Unique and Beautiful Diamond Rings at SH Jewelry


The engagement rings are tokens of passion, commitment, and loyalty exchanged by a few. The very form and nature of the ring, nevertheless, does have an additional significance that often couples introduce while creating a ring or selecting a suitable ring to reflect their partnership. At first, the wedding rings may have constituted a part of the dowry or wedding price of the bride. That not only did the ring announce the woman’s engaged identity but the nature of the jewels suggested her groom’s social role and wealth.

For all these reasons, one thing that can really give to your lover is happiness. That is why finding the perfect engagement rings can be very vital. Since you wanted to pick the right diamond and style for your lover. There are many websites and jewelry shops nowadays. A lot of them are very known and organized and one of them is the SH Jewelry. It has one of the most beautiful and unique designs that you will love for sure.

Price list and different sets of rings

As they are very known for their aesthetically pleasing engagement rings. The SH Jewelry also has the most high-end diamonds recognized in Melbourne, Australia. Below are some of the engagement rings that they are selling for a reasonable price.

  • Timeless (Brilliant Cut) Diamond – $3,550

One of their best sellers is the Timeless Engagement ring. Cut in Brilliant type and has an 18karat white gold scalloped band. A lot of people like the simple yet elegant look. It brings out a nice and classy aura to the wearer.

  • Solitaire Minimalistic (Oval Cut) Diamond – $1,950

It is one of their best deals in SH Jewelry. With this price, it is already an 18karat white gold band. These engagement rings are best for people to make their lovers feel special but at the same time are still within budget. It makes it even more special for the wearer.

  • Three-stone Classic Engagement ring – $7,400

This type of engagement ring includes three pieces of diamond and 18karat white gold. It is pretty reasonable for its price. It has a design similar to a claw which makes it suitable for a very contemporary or even traditional type of ring.

  • Modern Round Cut Diamond with baguette Diamond embedded Band- $3,650

 This type of engagement ring is one of their best and most modernized unique styles. Its band is embedded with baguette-type diamonds which makes it even more luxurious. Moreover, it also has a round cut diamond at its center with six claws. This ring is definitely one of the most picked designs with 18karat white gold. If you want to see more, you can visit their website and look for the perfect ring.


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