As the New Year has begun everybody is keen about knowing the latest fashion statements of the years. So, for all the avid readers here is a list of top most liked fashion trends in 2016 so far.

Slip Dresses
For a sexy and stylish statement you should definitely try out slinky silky slip dress. They are simple, elegant, as well as feminine. There is nothing else that can make you look sexier than a silky black slip dress. It has been caught in vogue lately and pops up here and there. Its popularity is increasing day by day and by the looks of it, it will surely become one of the most favourite fashion trend of the year. So, we will suggest you that buy a classic black one or any other style you like, but do go for it. You can add some pop of colour with it, or choose a bold pretty gold statement.

Bell Sleeve Tops
Next on our list of fashion forecasts of 2016 is Bell sleeve tops. These tops are fun to wear and you can pair them up with shorts, pencil skirts, or a pair of your favourite jeans. Wear one in any colour- blue, red, white, printed, embroidered, feminine, or metallic, and see all eyes pop. Spunk up this trend by combining it with hints of metallic in your accessories such as shoes, bag, jewellery, and even nail polish.

Flat mule footwear
Year 2015 saw a fashion trend of high heeled mules. But, this year is all about flats. Flat mules are stylish and easy to wear. They suit best with cropped or cuffed jeans and effortlessly pull off a model look. There is a wide variety in flat mules to choose from. Go for anyone you like such as velvet, suede, leopard, or a black tasselled pair.

Suede Jackets
There is something about suede jackets that makes you look contemporary and chic at the same time. Its texture will send you straight to the fashion of 1970s. But, surely it has made a comeback. Team it up with a bit of bohemian flair or a streamlined pants you create a unique look of your own. Not only suede jackets, but suede button-down shirts and accessories are also in rage.

Pleated Attire
There is nothing more feminine than wearing a dress or top with pretty pleats. Wear a light and airy piece of pleated dress and make yourself feel special. Take advantage of this inclination by adding some pretty dresses and lightweight tops to your attire.

Maxi Dresses
It seems that the year 2016 is going to be on the style cue from the 70s. If you have not stocked up fringe and suede pieces, then it is high time to do so. This is the next trend in rage. So, go out in a flowy maxi dress and flaunt your gorgeous silhouette. Moreover, you can do so much with it. Style it in any way possible and create a fashion statement


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