This Winter Look Trendy With Leggings


The festive season has almost come to and end, which means in no time the winter season will be knocking on our doors. The winter fashion is all about hooded pullovers, jackets and scarves, yet the look cannot be regarded complete without our favourite bottom wear – the leggings.

Comfortable and stylish, colourful and versatile, the leggings is one such piece of clothing that anyone and everyone can rock. Besides, the garment looks equally good with traditional Indian as well as western wear. This makes it a rare-to-find and much sought-after choice in the world of fashion. Be it summers or winters, women simply love flaunting their favourite pair of leggings with a large variety of tops, kurtis, trench coats and dresses.

Did you know, however, that there exist a number of variations when it comes to the simple leggings itself? Well, we here present to you a list of not two or three, but eight different types of leggings to choose from. You will definitely be surprised to find out these varieties in case you have been resorted to the same old collection you have had for a long time.

  1. Calf-length leggings

If there is one type of leggings that has managed to take the fashion industry by storm in the recent times, it has to be the mid-calf length leggings. Women can be seen sporting the look everywhere – from jogger’s parks to offices, home functions to brunches with their girl gangs. The mid-calf length leggings have provided a kind of modern twist to the full-length leggings as we know them.

The calf length leggings can be worn with such a variety of tops and tunics. They look best with flared kurtas, because the slim fit and shorter length of the leggings balances the more wholesome length and breadth of the kurta. Besides, the leggings also work wonders when you are planning on wearing a layered look for some special night out with friends – say a top, a mini-skirt and calf length leggings to go with it. This could be your go-to look when you go clubbing, isn’t it?

Besides, they are also the ideal choice for you when you want to go for a quick run in the morning, in your tank top and a pair of these leggings. The pair also looks great with short tunics and makes them an ideal choice to wear to college casually.

  1. Knee-length leggings

Whenever we discuss leggings, the first thing that comes to our mind is a full-length slim bottom wear, doesn’t it? However, with recent trends and wider acceptance, knee-length leggings have become quite a popular choice among so many people.

The knee-length leggings are a popular choice among city-dwelling women, who are constantly on the run between work, fitness and relaxation. The knee-length leggings are a perfect choice for such women on the go. The knee-length leggings are an ideal wear to the gym or for activities like yoga and gymnastics. In fact, the leggings would also look great with a simple kurta. The unconventional look of the leggings is sure to add a bounce of curiosity and peppiness to the overall look.

  1. Ankle-length leggings

These are, by far, the most common kind of leggings women flaunt, yet are different from the conventional leggings that wrinkle around the ankles instead of ending flat on them. This is what makes these leggings stand out and look much more stylish and classier.

The ankle-length leggings are a common choice all year round, and especially so in the winters when they can be used for layering. Throughout the year, the ankle-length leggings look can be paired with a variety of kurta style – Anarkali, straight-cut, A-cut and so on. Besides, they are also the perfect choice when one goes for shorter kurtas or tunics.

When it comes to the winter season, the ankle length leggings provide a clear way to look stylish with layering. One can sport a tunic or top along with a skirt and an ankle-length legging, completing the look with their favourite boots. Another great way to go layering would be when one decides to don a pretty dress over a high-neck pullover, wearing ankle-length leggings underneath with pretty white sneakers.

Besides, with ankle-length leggings, you also have the opportunity of flaunting multiple prints and patterns, which becomes more prominent only with this length. It would be great to wear a solid coloured top with some patterned leggings and amazing accessories for turning heads all your way!

  1. Stirrup leggings

Stirrup leggings stand out from the rest of the crowd because of their unique design. They have a connected strap which runs from ankle-to-ankle, from under the foot. This lends a unique look to the feet and provides for a perfect ensemble with tops, tunics, dresses and kurtas alike. For the shoes, you better opt for heels or flat sandals, so that the strap could be flaunted.

  1. Footed leggings

A footed legging is somewhat similar to a pantyhose, and is best worn with long trench coats in the winters, paired with a matching scarf or one endowed with some colour-coordinated patterns. This type of legging works best with heels.

  1. Sequin leggings

These leggings are made of materials like nylon and spandex, often a combination of both. The characteristic of the sequin legging is definitely its shiny colour, often on gold or silver or even a glam version of black. The next time you are not certain about what to wear to a club, you know the sequinned legging has your back!

  1. Leather leggings

Very retro and very classy, the leather leggings look is best worn with a plain white t-shirt and a leather jacket. You could also wear the look to parties with a shimmery top and leather legging to go with it. The pants do make you stand out among the crowd and look very classy.

  1. Jeggings

One of the most common adaptations to the legging style would have to be this blend between jeans and leggings. The jegging looks just like a slim-fit denim pair, only they don’t feel as heavy and are much more figure-hugging compared to jeans. They come usually with fake pockets and seams to make them resemble jeans as much as possible, but are really a much easier-to-put-on and fresh twist to the good old denim.


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