Taking Care of Designer Men’s Underwear at Home


If you have designer underwear for men at home, you sure need to look after and take care of them carefully. When it comes to cleaning and washing your underwear, make sure you do not use harsh detergents and chemicals. They will spoil the look of your underwear and make it unfit to wear.

Washing and cleaning tips for designer men’s underwear at home

When you decide to wash designer men’s underwear at home, make sure you use cold water. Remember, hot water will make the underwear shrink if you are not careful. Hand washing underwear is the best way to look after them and make them last for a very long time. However, if you are a lazy male, you can machine wash them at a gentle cycle with cold water. In case, your underwear is very dirty, do not wash it with bleach. This will spoil the fabric of your underwear. There is a common misconception that washing clothes in a washing machine damage them however it is not the machine that spoils the clothes, it is the dryer. Experts say that if you wish to look after the health and quality of the fabric, tumble dry clothes. For underwear, it is best if you air dries them. You can lay down your underwear on a flat surface so that it dries without any wrinkles.

Hygiene tips for wearing underwear for males

Experts in the field of men’s underwear say that you should always clean and wash your underwear daily. There is no point in keeping dirty and smelly underwear in your wardrobe. Most men believe designer underwear is costly and so they refrain from washing it regularly. This is not a good thing to do like the fabric of the underwear material gets spoiled and stains set in. In case, you get stains on your underwear and wish to remove them, do not wait for the stains to set in. Make sure that you invest in a good quality stain remover to clean the mark. The longer you allow the stain to sit on your underwear, the harder it is for you to remove it.

Check the washing label before you hand or machine wash your underwear

If you really wish to keep your underwear free from stains and fresh, read the washing label of the underwear. Instructions are given to you when it comes to the correct procedure via which you can wash designer underwear for your needs. Buy the recommended detergent to ensure your underwear is free from dirt, smells, and stains. Remember, pre-treat the stains and marks before you start to wash your underwear.

When it comes to designer men’s underwear, you will find several websites that offer you amazing products. Buy your underwear from these sites and pamper yourself with some stunning pieces. Men’s underwear products are available in the form of thongs, boxer briefs, briefs, and jockstraps. Get as many as you need and indulge yourself daily with underwear that is comfortable, fashionable and stylish.


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