Smartest Details for the Essential Wedding Dresses


Believe me, when preparing for the wedding, most girls make the same mistakes. How to avoid mistakes and find a dream dress?

Do not set your budget

Write down the budget in advance, how much you spend on the photographer, how much on the restaurant, how much on the bride’s hääpuku and the groom’s suit. For example, you donated 50 thousand rubles to buy a dress. Consider that you need to include the entire outfit in this money: not only the dress itself, but also shoes, underwear, veils, jewelry otherwise the amount may be several times higher than planned.

How to avoid? When you enter the next salon, immediately tell the seller-consultant the amount you are counting on.

The main rule: do not try on a dress for a million, even just out of curiosity. It is very sad to find the perfect dress that is not affordable. Stay within reason: you should not take a loan on a dress, it is better to spend more money on your honeymoon trip.

Focus on the same style

Do you want a dress with bare shoulders, like Anne Hathaway in the movie “War of the Brides” or a mermaid dress and the juhlamekko häihin, or very short and with a long train?

Unfortunately, when the future bride begins to try on a dress from her fantasies, it turns out that the outfit with open shoulders is sitting ridiculously, and the tight “mermaid tail” visually increases the hips by two sizes. So dreams are crumbling, and the girl is in a panic, so?

How to avoid? Do not limit yourself to one style or style. Perhaps a dress that you haven’t even thought about will be your best option, which will turn you into the most luxurious bride in the world.

Try on only white dresses

In continuation of the last item

You always thought that a wedding dress can only be white and nothing else. Know that white color is not for everyone.

Especially if you have too pale skin

How to avoid? Pay attention to the dress cream, blue, peach, pistachio, pink tones, and if you want, then try on a red dress. Most likely, you will immediately forget about the boiled white color and find something original.

Consult with everyone

Choosing a dress is your own business, because you are the bride here. No need to carry with you on fitting a whole support group. Of course, you need an adequate look from the outside, but not hundreds of tips from girlfriends. A lot of conflicting opinions will only confuse you, and you will miss a good outfit.

How to avoid?

Listen to the words of others, but filter the information. Talk to two close people you trust the most. Let the dress make you happy, not your groom’s mother.


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