Rules For Men While Wearing Jewelry


If you are in doubt, start with a classic wrapped silver watch if you regularly wear a watch, and you can easily afford it next branch out to tie accessories and cufflinks. Once you are comfortable wearing these general pieces, then you can start to introduce other jewellery pieces like necklaces if you choose. Most of the men’s jewellery is metallic. Silver and gold are the most common. however, tungsten rings are also popular now as they are durable and scratchless as a tungsten wedding bands .

Gold is mainly a warmer colour and reads predictably, like a yellow accent in terms of the colour wheel. It mainly well with earth tones and browns. It also goes well with hunter green or royal blue. Piercings are dicey even in casual outfits if your social circles and offices are comfortable with lip or nose piercings, that’s great.

Types of Male Jewelry

1) Wedding bands

It is a common piece of jewellery for over half a century, a wedding band is normally made from gold, platinum or silver and very simple in design

2) Watches

It a functional piece of jewellery, watches are as safe as a wedding ring, and you wear it in every circumstance except black-tie event as it is an old rule followed by few. In general, the simpler the watch, the dressier it is. A plain black leather strap and a silver timepiece with Roman or Arabic numerals are classic and versatile. Metal watches are fine sports jackets and suits, while cloth bands and plastic watches should be reserved for casual wear.

3) Blazer button

When you buy a blazer, it normally comes with simple brass buttons. He has the option to upgrade them to either silver or gold buttons. The mother of pearl and horn are also the available option. 

4) Cufflinks and shirts studs

Shirts studs and cufflinks are functional jewellery pieces that hold the cuffs and the front of a dress shirt in place normally where buttons would have been. Mainly shirt studs are most commonly associated with black tie attire, while cufflinks only require French or double cuffs. Metallic cufflinks are made from precious metals in simple designs are the most formal, while any cufflinks using a novelty design is more for fun in the office. Silk knots are simple alternatives to metals and are favourite with younger men.

5) Tie accents

Tie accent is mainly used for keeping your tie in place. This is commonly completed in three ways: with tie bar or tie chain or with a tie pin. Tie bars are simple strips of silver, gold, or other metal that clip onto the tie horizontally and hold it in place using the shirt as the anchor. Tie chains are used in the same way as the tie clip, but tie chains remain unseen.

6) Earrings

The most accepted piercing for men. They have gained wider appeal over many years. An ear piercings’ main advantage is that the earrings can be easily removed if required for work.


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