Protect your skin against the scathing rays of the sun


Protecting your skin from the harmful effects of the sun rays is essential these days. Skin tanning is a common thing to witness in summers, and we all are prone to it, especially men who are exposed to the environment for almost all through the day. Yet, people lack sufficient knowledge to take care of their skin from the sunlight, which can be achieved by simply using a sunscreen lotion for men.

UV rays- a significant obstacle for the skin to breathe in freely:

Sun rays are composed of something called ultra-violet radiations. These ultra-violet radiations are quite hazardous to the skin as they may cause irrevocable skin cancer.  Ultra-violet rays are of two major types UVA and UVB.

UVA rays are the longest ones and can penetrate through window panes. Photoaging is an after effect of constant UVA exposure as it damages the underlying deep layers of skin.

UVB rays or more specifically the tanning rays are functional at their full potential in summers. These rays penetrate only the upper layer or epidermis. As soon as they penetrate into your dermis, they boost the production of melanocyte which later leads to freckle formation underneath the skin. As a result, you have a rough and tan skin texture.

Ensure all-around protection with sunscreen lotion for men:

Everyone is quite familiar with the application of sunscreen lotion or sun blocking lotion to prevent from the damaging sun rays. However, your complete skin protection depends upon how you choose the sunscreen lotion for men, what is its SPF factor and how do you apply it. Nowadays, the market has many cosmetic brands coming up with their own sunscreen formulation. Some are gender specific; while others claim equal protection to both male and female skin. However, it is always better to go ahead with the gender-specific sunscreen lotion as male and female skin differs in its texture and porosity.

Also, customers must ensure that their chosen sunscreen offers complete protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Simultaneously, it must rate higher on its SPF factor. SPF means sun protection factor, which is assigned to a particular sunscreen lotion after its clinical trial for proving its efficacy.

What is this sunscreen lotion and how will you benefit through its application?

Sunscreen lotion or sunscreen blocking cream is categorized as a topical product for external use. It has a simple working mechanism; it either absorbs all the harmful radiations from penetrating your epidermis or reflects them. Those sunscreen lotions, which prefer reflection mechanism are categorized as physical sunscreens. On the other hand, those sunscreen lotions that prefer absorption mechanism are classified as chemical sunscreens.

Skin cancer prevention society across the globe, recommends for the use of sunscreen or sun blocking lotion. Researchers have emphasized the use of sunscreen formulations to prevent the onset and progress of skin carcinoma. However, their emphasis is more on the purchase of a broad-spectrum variant of sunscreen lotion. Broad-spectrum sunscreen lotions are effective in protecting from both UVA as well as UVB rays from the solar surface.

However, you should precisely check for the SPF value. Sunblock lotions from different brands rate differently with their SPF values. This is the governing factor to block harmful sun rays to prevent sunburns. A higher value of SPF such as 40+ SPF PA+++, the better protection it offers against the harmful effects of UVB radiations. And with that, you survive any damage caused by sunlight.


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