Plus Size Clothing That Fits For Less


If you are shopping for a larger woman or are one yourself, it can be very tricky to find plus size clothing that looks good, fits properly, and has a reasonable price. Plus size lingerie and swimwear are especially difficult to buy. Many specialty stores now carry full lines of plus size clothes, but those clothes tend to carry very large price tags.

Another option that saves time and money is to be properly fitted in a brick and mortar store for a plus size dress, bra or swimsuit. Get an idea of what sizes you wear in different brands, and be sure to keep a list of the sizes. Lingerie in particular has so much variation in size that fitting is tricky for all women. For this reason, it is worthwhile to have a professional bra fitting, and then refit the size for other brands.

While trying on clothes is an important step in the shopping process, allowing you to decide if the clothing fits you well you can save half off or more when you plan ahead and comparison shop for plus size clothing. Once you try on clothing at a brick and mortar store get online and check out the savings available to you. This savings strategy is especially useful if you plan ahead and you don’t need the item immediately.

If you are one of those lucky women who weighs the same from year to year, you may be able to save bunches of money if you buy that swimsuit or any season-specific clothing when it being cleared out for the next season. Of course, if being in the latest style is important this won’t work, but if not you may be able to make your best deal.

Another option to consider is looking at online plus size clothing stores. Many plus size clothing stores will have special internet offers that are not available in stores. For instance, I know a woman who went to the website of famous designer and found an amazing deal that allowed her to purchase several dresses at a fraction of their retail price. In this deal, you selected a size and they choose a style and colour. Often, she was able to purchase three nice dresses for the price of one. Of course, a quality return policy is a must for all but the very bravest should you choose this course.

Many sellers will offer great bargains in their paper catalogues that are not made available elsewhere, so be sure to look for bargains there. Call any toll free numbers they provide to inquire about current discounts and special offers, as well as examining their websites and catalogues. Another way to save money is to find a “size buddy” who wears the same sizes that you do, so that you can swap clothes and increase both of your wardrobes. You will find that locating someone with the same fashion sense that you have will be worth the trouble.

In order to ensure a good fit when you are purchasing plus sized clothing, it is a good idea to be measured in a store to find your proper size. Always shop with a frugal friend to help you find great bargains and peruse specialty catalogues for new sales.


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