Gwen Stefani, Kate Moss and Shania Twain are the celebrities who believe in nail art. Nail polish has been in for ages but specific nail art has been the in thing only recently.Here are some nail grooming tips

Make sure that you would go for a manicure once in a month. It will get dirt out of cuticles.

Always use nail polish remover to remove nail polish. Do not use any special sharp thing like end of scissors for removing.

New trendy shades of nail color are Blue, Green, mauve and gold.

If you do not have good nails then go for the Acrylic nails. Use the special polish to stick the acrylic nails to the regular nails and wow you will have good nails for every occasion. No bitten old mails for you and hiding your hands.

Another new trend is the nail decals. Nail decals are something that you would apply to the regular nails whereas nail art is generally done on the artificial nails

Nail Art Training

Nair Art classes in Uk cost about 200 Euro and they teach you how to do Nail art with special air compressor. This is a new trend which is better than the nail Art by freehand using regular paint brush.

Here is how you can do the nail art design with good nail art ideas with special Nail Art pen.

Nail art pen

Get some silk fabric or the organza.

Make sure that you keep the fingers with palm facing upwards and the draw the outline of the

nail on paper beneath the hand.

Ct the paper and keep the piece of paper on the cloth that you have chosen.

Then cut the piece of fabric and attach that to the nail with the adhesive.

Apply transparent nail polish on the fabric to make sure that you have good finish

There are a variety of nail art designs that you can get starting from

  • Bridal designs
  • Valentines designs
  • Warli designs
  • Puzzle designs
  • Hawaiian designsu


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