Dressing up as a plus size person, it becomes a little tricky. Be it the pear shape or it is an hourglass body, it is about choice. None the less, you s would still want to follow the trends and why should you not. But weighing the outcome of different styles, mix and matching various pieces of clothing will get you to the right flaunting look.

In the article below we will be discussing three shapes that a plus size woman may be categorized. Have a look and evaluate which category you lie in. it is absolutely dandy and has no harm in knowing and using the classic dressing tricks designed for the plus size wearer. There are three ways of dressing up we will be defining with each body type.


The hour glass is the most common body shape found in women. In which the bust and the hips are fuller while the waist is naturally slimmer.

The Retro Look: Going retro is the most appropriate approach to conceal an hour glass body. As the fit and flare dress exactly mimics your body and compliments it simultaneously. It fully covers the curves and subtly defines the waist line. If you are looking for plus size mother of the bride dresses, this should be your best pick.

Peplum Top: to further enhance your body shape, peplum should be it. The flared waistline will enhance the proportions between your bust and full hips. If you want to look hot in peplum dress then  is the platform where you can get this type of dress in reasonable price.

Body Hugging attire: Having an hour glass shape one should definitely opt for this body-con heading out to a party. A body hugging attire accentuates the curves on your body and gives it a perfect hourglass outlook.


Similar to the straight-size version, a plus size busty woman’s largest measurement is around her chest. The hips and the abdomen may only be curvy that too in a proportion.

V-Neck: Adorning something that has a V-neck can actually be daring as well as demure. It only depends how low you dip. None the less, it comes like a true staple for a busty girl. If it’s a deep one, it will be a cleavage boosting cut while if it’s a small V, it helps in elongating your neckline and minimizing your upper body.

Loose Top Fitting: Most of the busty plus size women suffer from sack of potato problem. In order to conceal that it is recommended to indulge in a silhouette that is loose and flared at the bust and has a nipped waist with a belt or a built in elastic detailing.

Turtle Neck: Wearing a turtle neck draws the attention to the neck rather than the bust.


As the name suggests, this body type is quite similar to that of an apple. This body type has the widest measurement on its waist. While the rest of the body shoulders, busts, hips are slimmer in proportion.

Tunic Top: Anyone who wills to minimize the look of her waist line, a tunic top is her best friend. Anything that does not hug the waist gives a impartial look.

Short Dresses: for an apple figure, short sheath dresses work like wonders. With a complete straight cut and an aligned hem line gives quite a tall and synchronized feel with other parts of the body. One of the mother of the bride dresses should be a something that is short, straight and classy.

Slim Pants: If you are really eager to enhance your apple shape, go for slim pants. It should be paired with an extremely oversized top to give it a more dramatic appearance. This kind of juxtaposition plays very smartly and in more an editorial way with an apple shaped plus size body.


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