Injury Prevention is Better Than Cure


Unfortunately, those of us who like to keep fit and stay in shape have an occasional injury. This may be to not warming up correctly or maybe you have taken a tumble while out running. An injury can mean that you can’t train for weeks and for a keep fit enthusiast, that is a nightmare scenario. Those two to three weeks that you are unable to train can put you back months in your plans and so this is why injury should be avoided if at all possible. There are ways to avoid injury like warming up correctly and stretching out those muscles and tendons. Another way is to wear sports clothing that can provide compression while you train.

Compression Cothing

There have been studies that confirm that the right compression garments like Skins Compression clothing, really does assist in the recovery stage after you have exercised. For many, the physics isn’t easy to understand and follow, so to explain it in layman’s terms, it means the compression clothing encourages better circulation and this better circulation stimulates blood flow. Better blood flow means that areas that are inflamed or sore get additional blood to assist in the healing process. Lactic acid is produced in the muscles during exercise and this increasing blood flow, helps to remove it. No matter what your opinion is on compression clothing, it definitely has no negative side effects, so there is no downside to trying it.

Quality is Important

When you are choosing your athletic clothing, don’t just decide on an article of clothing or footwear just because it is cheaper. In most cases, cheap means less quality and when it comes to your body, it is not good to buy cheap. It is important to buy sports clothing that fits you well as you want to be able to move freely when you are taking part in the sport you love. More freedom means that you deliver a better performance and in team sports this is important. You don’t want to let your team mates down and not being able to turn or jump freely because of your choice of sports clothing, won’t help to explain when you team doesn’t win that cup.

The Right Temperature

Basically, the right choice of sports wear helps prevent injuries that would otherwise stop you from training. If it’s cold outside, wear clothing that covers your muscles and keeps them warm. Similarly, if it is too hot outside wear clothing that allows your skin to breathe and removes sweat away from your body. If it’s sunny, you should wear a cap to keep the sun out of your eyes and the sweat too. Choose a cap that isn’t too tight and will restrict the blood flow. Never overlook your feet, they probably take the greatest beating when you are out there hitting the pavements. Get footwear that supports your arches and provides good cushioning for the soles of your feet.

No matter if you are a professional athlete or just someone trying to stay fit, it is important that you choose the right sports gear to wear.


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