How To Style Shoulder Length Hair


For the lovers of either Gibson-tuck, long-bob, curly or wavy hairstyle, here is the good news for you. Shoulder length hair will perfectly accommodate the two styles. To help you style up with your choice, we list the best hairstyles that will rock you if you have shoulder length hair.

Styling shoulder length hair into Boho waves and Gibson-tuck.

Method 1: Boho-Waves:

  1. Clean and make your hair moisture free by washing it using a conditioning shampoo with warm water and then dry it using a towel.
  2. 2. Wear heat protective gloves and heat the curling-iron before you can use it. You can use any curling iron, but unique waving brands are most preferred because they give the best hair waves.
  3. 3. Divide the hair into four segments and take each part at a time and wrap it around the curling iron. Do not pack all the hair, but leave one inch of unwrapped hair.
  4. 4. Carefully let the hair off the curling iron and give it some time to cool down. To get the expected boho-look, straighten the hair tips by holding it away from the head.
  5. 5. Twist the section of the hair remaining. For your information you have to do the curling process several times until your hair acquires several twists, and also consider not keeping the hair strands the equal size if you need to see that fundamental outlook.
  6. 6. Complete the process by including a texturizing hairspray on your hair and comb it to keep the curl loose and then spread shine-enhancing spray to style your Boho-waves.

Method 2: A Gibson-Tuck:

  1. 1. Start by cleaning up your hair using a tube of shampoo and dry it up. As you blow-dry it, comb it to make it smooth for styling.
  2. 2. Compose all your hair into a ponytail and set it with a pliant hairband. Remember you are the one to choose the best placement of the ponytail that will work for you. So, you may choose either to set either high level or even low-level ponytail before changing into Gibson-tuck. This process doesn’t consume much of your time, but in case you have lots of time out can consider plain-ponytail.
  3. 3. Make a wide opening at the summit of the ponytail hair using your figure. Make sure while you do this, your hair is held in place. While you do this, be cautious enough not to undo your ponytail hair.
  4. 4. Flip the ponytail around and insert it into the hair you opened. You may need to twist the ponytail into a spiral to make the process of moving the hair through the hole easily. After passing the hair through the hole, drop it downwards to make it move freely.
  5. 5. Repeat the process but this time, after flipping the ponytail, fold the tips of the hair and loosen it. After that, protect the bun you have created. Use the bobby-pins to secure it.
  6. 6. Finally, you may consider spicing your Gibson-tuck by leaving some few strands during the process of making the original ponytail. Complete the whole process by applying shine enriching hairspray for stylish look the whole day.


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