How to choose the best earring for your face


Earrings are a woman’s best friend. While we are discussing earrings, it would do well to remember that there is no such thing as too many earrings and why should there be? Earring go with your ethnic dresses, with your casual day clothes, your formals and even with your t-shirts and a pair of jeans! Is there a reason not to love them?

That said, it is no secret that most women may have had the misfortune of loving a pair too much only to find out that the earrings did not look good on them. Although it is quite common, most of us do not know that not all earrings go with every kind of face type. Just as it is with your haircuts and dresses, earrings have a type too.

How to choose the best earring for your face?

If you are wondering how to get the perfect fit and are tired of buying lovely earrings which just do not go with your face, here is a quick guide to help you get out of your misery:

  • Hair Length: The first advice would be to remember your hair length before you choose a pair of earrings according to your face structure. Furthermore, your hair colour also has a role to play. Mostly brown and black hair fit well platinum.
    • Wearing Hair Down: If you let your hair down, your choices are extremely simple. You can add long dangling earrings. Additionally, you can choose sparkly colours which will glint through your hair.
    • Wearing Hair Up: If you choose to wear your hair up, then your choices are endless. You can choose any kind  of earrings which go with your outfit!
  • Face Structures and Earring Choices: Face structures play an important role when you choose or wear a pair of earrings, here is how you can choose the perfect fit:
  • Oval Face: Oval face structures can be characterized by the cheeks and forehead being of the same width and a tapering effect down to the cheeks. These face types can pull off just about any kind of earrings.
  • Round Faces: To describe round faces would be to say that the widest parts of the face are the cheeks and the area around the nose with tapered or rounded forehead and chins. For round faces, angular earrings work best for this type. Furthermore, teardrop fashioned earrings and danglers will work the best for this type, all of which you can find here->
  • Heart Shaped Faces: Heart shaped faces are characterized by wide foreheads which taper down to the chin. These faces fit well with earring which has curves and elongated lines.
  • Square Faces: These type of faces are quite loud and can be characterized by the fact that the forehead and the cheeks are almost of the same width and there is almost negligible tapering to the chin. To soften your face structure, it would be advised to choose hoops or elongated dangers.
  • Narrow Face: Narrow faces or rectangular faces, similar to square faces, have the same structure throughout, only narrower. For such face types, you could choose dangle earrings with elongated and curved designs. If you can find danglers with multiple hoops, even those would fit well with your face.

Bonus: Studds of all kinds fit every face structure. So you can go crazy with your stud choices without any worries!

Remember that the fit and the beauty of your earrings will depend on the kind outfit you wear and how you wear your hair. More importantly, you face structure will have the most important role. So, refer to the buying guide above and look for earrings here->


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