Approximately 8% of men are colorblind. Compared to the 1% of women who are colorblind, the number is overwhelming. Traffic lights, specific jobs, and even the ability to enjoy a movie or art, can present challenges to a man who can’t decipher the difference between colors. Besides the obvious difficulties with colorblindness, being colorblind can make putting together an outfit an issue, especially if you want to create a fashionable wardrobe. This article will tell you how to be fashionable even if you are colorblind.

Most forms of colorblindness only limit your ability to distinguish certain colors. One way to avoid being embarrassed by mismatching the color of your clothes is to stay away from buying clothes that are the colors that you cannot see. You can still be fashionable, make a flexible outfit, and interchange your tops and bottoms when you want.

If you are dressing yourself and you are colorblind, you must know what your limitations are. Most men are either red-green colorblind or yellow-blue colorblind. If you have the red-green colorblindness, you will have an issue telling reddish color hues to greenish color hues. This does not mean that a man with colorblindness will see red grass or a green fire truck, but simply that the two colors will appear similar and be moving toward each other in the perceived spectrum. If you have blue-yellow form, it makes blues, violets, yellows, and greens blur together in a similar perceived colors. The blue-yellow colorblindness is seen as the less limiting form.

Shopping for Clothes When Colorblind

When you go shopping for your clothes and you are colorblind, a store can be intimidating. Take someone with you to ask them about the colors or simply ask a salesperson. They should be able to help you out, but be aware that you may not be with someone when you’re dressing yourself. So if you don’t think you will remember the color of the shirt, don’t buy it.

Obviously, it is easier for people who are colorblind to just stick to grayscale clothing. But sometimes you want to mix it up a little. Go for grayscale patterns, if necessary. Another option that you might consider is to have someone help you organize your clothes into colors, or label your clothes when putting them away.

It doesn’t matter if you are colorblind; it is still important to know how to be fashionable. Don’t let it limit your style and fashion sense.


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