Guys, Tighten Your Belts: Know How To Select The Right Belt Buckles


Belt buckles for men have since time immemorial been a perfect combination of expression and function. While some people can argue that neckties are the best way of expressing style among men, the truth is that ties rarely serve any other function besides complimenting a suit or a dress shirt. On the other hand, a belt buckle fastens the belt which holds the trousers up. As such, it is all about style and practicality. But how can you select the right belt buckle for you?


The first thing you should consider when selecting a perfect belt buckle for you is size. It is important that the buckle you choose corresponds well with the type of your body. For instance, robust men look great in large buckles. Men with small frames, on the other hand, look best in small buckles. Opting for belt buckles with an opposite size to the type of your body can make you appear out of proportion. Also, you should ensure that your buckle matches the size of your belt. Having a buckle that looks fabulous on an awesome belt makes no sense if the buckle isn’t able to fasten your belt and keep the pants up. Still, on the same note, it is important that you opt for a belt buckle with an adjustable close. Your body’s weight fluctuates over the year and will even vary between mealtimes. Thus, it is vital that you have a buckle that allows you to easily adjust the belt as necessary.


Different belt buckles are designated for different occasions and it is essential that you choose a buckle that matches a certain occasion. Actually, buckles are pretty inexpensive and you can afford to have selected buckles designated for various occasions. When making a choice, just think of where and how you intend to wear your buckles. For instance, buckles with a simple design are a perfect choice for daily use. You can perhaps opt for a buckle that depicts your favorite hobby, military background or profession. If you are looking for something to wear on formal occasions, you should consider buckles in silver or gold and a little more ornate ones. However, you will need to be careful as ornate buckles tend to look odd unless you are actually an artist. Also, shiny buckles aren’t always a great choice as they not only look garish but are distracting as well.

Over the years, the popularity of western styled belt buckles has increased and many people are choosing these buckles for making a fashion statement. In this case, you will need to pair your buckle with a western styled shirt and jeans. It is quite inappropriate to wear the buckle in another way as it can appear as if you are just posing. When shopping for buckles, you can launch your search on the Internet where you are assured of finding a multitude of great designs and styles available to choose from.


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