Good Advice for When It’s Time to Wash School Uniforms


If you are a working mum, you won’t have that much time to really scrub those stubborn stains from your children’s school uniforms. Furthermore, some of those amazing stains which children miraculously manage to pick up are beyond a doubt, very difficult to remove with standard washing powder or liquid.

And, if any school clothes are near the end of their lifespan, you should contact affordable school uniform suppliers, to renew them.

·         Now, if you’re one of those good people out there who is ecologically friendly and cares for our beautiful planet, then the best tip for washing your child’s dirty school uniforms, can actually be found in most Australian kitchens!

\With the useful help of these natural ingredients, those brown mud stains can easily be removed. In fact, you may be nicely surprised how effective washing school uniforms with these natural ingredients actually is. The next time your child gets home from school, the first thing to do is soak his or her dirty clothes in water for around 15 – 30 minutes for the best results.

The advice below is for using natural products to wash school uniforms, especially those pesky white school shirts!


Squeeze a lemon over the stain, and then gently rub the lemon directly over it. Then, make use of the peel of the lemon, and rub it vigorously over the stain in a circular motion. The lemon juice will help to free up any stains, and let the washing machine do the rest of the work.


Yes, humble vinegar! Vinegar is yet another natural bleaching agent which can be used to remove stains from white clothes. One of the best pieces of advice for washing school uniforms is to soak the clothes in water with a half a cup to a cup of vinegar. After about an hour, remove the uniform and scrub the dirty areas with a soft clothes brush and wash as normal.

Baking Powder

This has been getting some serious thumbs up in the alternative community and so affordable also for a large pack. To get rid of any stains on your children’s uniform, make the most of good old baking powder. Make a paste with the baking powder and apply it to stains. Keep rubbing stains with a clothes brush in circular motions until stubborn stains have gone.


This is an older one of the tips which people have traditionally used to wash white clothing. However, one of the only setbacks to using bleach is that it happens to stiffen clothes, which is not really what we want is it? Stick to bleach only when whites are heavily soiled.

Tomato Juice

Believe it or not, the juice of a fresh tomato is a natural bleaching agent. For helping to bring out the best in white school clothing, try using the juice of a tomato.

Make sure to strain the juice before you apply it to the clothes and may your children’s clothes remain spotless!


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