First Time? What You Need To Know About Facial Treatment?


Want your face to be beautiful and devoid of pimples and acne? Facial is one of the easiest fix out there. If you never had experienced this amazing regimen in your life, this can be the best time to get started.

What Will You Get When You Get a Facial?

Facials fix common skin problems. The body’s natural processes can dull the skin and it is something that you have to quickly attend to. Though facial works nothing like magic, there are awesome ways that it can do for your skin:

1. Improves the skin condition especially when it is dry or oily.

2. Rejuvenates the skin to prevent wrinkles.

3. Unclogs pores.

4. De-stresses the skin.

5. Provides a smoother skin texture and a glowing complexion.

Common Questions of Facial First-Timers

Does facial hurt? When the skin care professional is extracting blackheads or squeezing out skin impurities and clogged pores, the discomfort you will feel is normal though this is far from feeling tremendous pain.

Can it cure acne? Because facial cleanses the skin, it helps in preventing break-outs. However, in terms of creating acne, this is basically depending on the severity of the breakout. If the problem is severe, better consult a dermatologist first to give you a therapy.

Does it provide long-term effects? Facial can be a regular skin care regimen because it does not provide long-term effects. Normally, the longevity of the facial is up to you with the assistance of your chosen skin care products.

Facial Preparations

1. Facials are relaxing and definitely a great process to keep your face bright and clear, but the process is not a responsibility of a surgeon alone, you have to make your own preparations to make sure that you will enjoy a good effect.

2. Know the issues that you specifically want to address (Is it dry skin? Is it oily skin?), and the goals that you want to achieve. Think about the issues that bothers you about your skin.

3. Consult an esthetician for recommendations on facial offerings that fit your needs.

4. Stay out of the sun prior to the facial procedure. If your goal is pore cleansing and extractions, schedule the treatment on or before the weekend when you do not have to go anywhere and you can let your skin rest. For people who are getting a facial in preparation for a big event, get an appointment a few days before.

5. Skip any DIY facial treatments at home before the procedure.

Post-Facial Care

Depending on the type of facial that you have had, it is normal to experience rosiness in your skin that can last for at least 2 hours. It is suggested to free your face of make up after the procedure to soak up all the benefits of the treatment, but if you have to ask any of the facial surgeon if there is anything that is prohibited to apply immediately after.

If you enjoyed the effects of your facial, book another appointment for once or twice a month base on your budget and needs. Too much facial can damage the skin. Moreover, if you want a thorough treatment for acne scars, wrinkles, and other skin irregularities, facial laser resurfacing can be your best bet.


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