If your vision happens to be a little less than perfect, you’re either used to putting in contact lenses each day or placing your glasses on as soon as you wake up. For glasses wearers, you have the option of ordering transition lenses to protect your eyes from harsh sunlight. For those who wear contacts, you simply grab a favorite pair of sunglasses and head out the door.

But even people who wear contacts have days where their eyes are a little scratchy or they lose a lens, and they have to reach for that backup pair of glasses. Walking outside may be a little daunting if transition lenses aren’t something they thought about when purchasing their frames. There’s no easy way to shield your eyes from the sun while wearing regular glasses. You can take them off and switch to shades, but you may risk walking into a pole or getting lost due to blurry vision.

A simple answer to this problem is prescription sunglasses. You can purchase these customized shades so you are able to see while still protecting your eyes from UV rays. For those who wear frames more frequently, this seems like a great solution. In addition to your regular glasses, you can keep the prescription sunglasses in a purse, pocket or glove compartment so you don’t have to choose between being blinded by the light or being unable to see.

According to, prescription sunglasses come in various lens materials like high index, polycarbonate, regular plastic, trivex and glass. Glass offer the best optical quality, but they aren’t exactly practical for sunglasses. Prescription sunglasses can be purchased at any optical center, and many places offer discounts if you purchase them along with your regular eyeglasses. There are, however, a few places you can purchase these sunglasses online. offers a somewhat small collection of prescription sunglasses, but the styles the site does carry are all chic and fashionable. Bold red oversized shades and black Jackie O. styles are available. has more of a selection, with chic Ray Ban styles by Derek Cardigan and a variety of different-colored frames and lenses.

Prescription sunglasses are not necessarily a must-have item for everyone, but they can be handy for those who wear glasses. With more styles emerging, they could find a nice place in your collection of accessories.


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