We all know a few basic fashion rules we’ve heard over and over again: No white after Labor Day, match your shoes and belt, etc. While some of these rules are repeated with good reason, others are either outdated or are meant to be broken. Fashion should be fun and expressive, and rules should be guidelines, not laws.

One fashion rule that can be broken is matching jewelry. Sets of earrings, necklaces and bracelets can be purchased most anywhere, but wearing jewelry that all looks the same can appear dated. Instead, look for jewelry that follows the same color scheme or is made from the same material, and alternate its sizes. If you have love a particular gold chain necklace, look for turquoise earrings with gold hooks or backings. Try a gold charm bracelet or a turquoise band to balance out the look.

Another rule that some people stick to like glue is never mixing brown and black. Both brown and black are neutrals, and they are meant to be mixed with any shade. Mixing brown and black can definitely work, but you’ll want to toss in some color too so to brighten up your outfit. A pair of black skinny jeans with a brown V-neck T-shirt and mustard yellow cardigan can be the basis of a really stylish outfit. Top it off with black flats and a printed scarf, and you have successfully paired brown and black. The possibilities are endless.

A third rule is no pairing denim with denim. While all-denim suits or dresses can look tacky, there’s no reason not to wear a great denim jacket with your favorite pair of jeans. The only rule that should be followed is to alternate your denim. If you have a very light-wash denim jacket, wear it with dark jeans. You want to break up the outfit instead of being too matchy-matchy.

Most women will tell you that another fashion rule or staple is that you must own a Little Black Dress. It’s an instant go-to item, and it always looks chic. While those things are true, don’t limit yourself to just the color black. Why not own a Little Pink Dress? Or a Little Red Dress? Any dress can be a go-to item if it has a classic design, can be dressed up or down and makes you feel amazing. You can throw on a cardigan and flats to make any dress more casual, or you can add a statement necklace, jeweled earrings, tights and heels to class it up.

Lastly, you CAN wear white after Labor Day! You truly can wear white any time during the year. While many designers make white clothing in lightweight fabrics that are specifically designed for the spring and summer seasons, there are plenty of white clothing items that can be worn in fall or winter. A stunning white blazer can look fabulous over a frilly top and dress pants for a cold-weather night out, and a short white dress can look adorable with black tights, heels and a favorite-color cardigan. When it comes to color, you can introduce most any shade into your wardrobe no matter the season.


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