Do Polarized sunglasses really make a difference?


Ultraviolet rays that are emitting from sunlight can damage our eyes since eyes are most sensitive part of human body. Sunrays can causes diseases like glaucoma, cataracts, and many others. According to World Health Organization, are more than twenty percent eye diseases can be avoided by proper care when we are out in broad day light by using sunglasses?

Proper eye protection is important any time of year. There is confusion among the people about which type of glasses should be used for eye protection since there are so many types of glasses to choose from. These glasses can be polarized sunglasses or non-polarized sunglasses. At Voogueme you can have many models and styles, making shopping for glasses much like shopping for cars.

Polarized sunglasses should essentially be purchased online since these glasses have no certainty in prices and prices can range from twenty to thousand dollars. But you can find best buy in online purchasing by comparing different shapes, sizes and quality of glasses.

Polarized glasses are not medically prescribed glasses hence these are not essential for daily usage but practically speaking, the use of these glasses is increasing day by day since there are proved benefits of using polarized glasses. All you need to do is to find eyeglasses online

Polarized lenses can be used from partial protection from sunlight but there should be extra protection too.

How do Polarized Glasseswork?

Sunlight incidents on any surface and is then reflected from the surface or get partially absorbed. When sunlight strikes a shinny surface it produces glare. Polarized glasses are used to minimize that glare.

Normal sunglasses provides basic filtration of light and helps in protecting our eyes but this protection is very little as compared to those rays which still gets penetrated from normal glasses.

Polarized eyeglasses have a built-in, well-constructed laminated light filter that allows only vertical light rays to pass through, and almost totally blocks horizontal rays to eliminate glares. In this way it helps in eye protection when we are in broad daylight.

This is most noticeable when boating or fishing because you’ll be able to suddenly see through the surface, since sunlight reflects from water surface and water provided refraction of light to. When you are in sea or river doing fishing   normally you would see the reflections from the sun and sky above.

Polarized lenses are confused with sunglasses. They act as sunglasses though but they are slightly different in operation and construction. Usually these glasses are pricy but you can buy glasses online cheap  when you visit Voogueme which is best site for buying quality eyeglasses ranging from affordable sunglasses to high range of beautiful polarized sunglasses. Here you can also find normal prescription glasses with polarized coating as well. If you need the power of polarized lenses without the help of sun protection, you can also get them here in cheap prices after speak with your doctor or optometrist about this.

Advantages of Polarized glasses:

Everything in this world has some pros and cons attached with it. Some products have more pros than cons. We have to select those products which gives us more advantages. Just like other products, eyeglasses have different qualities, choice of materials and recommended usage. When we talk about polarized eyeglasses we can sum up their advantages as follows.

A high quality pair of sunglasses may include polarized lenses. A polarized lens offers the following advantages over non-polarized lenses:

  • Increases visual comfort. They reflect sunlight and makes our vision clear. Since your eyesdo not have to five the glare all the time, it is easier to view objects in bright conditions like in broad daylight on a sunny day.
  • Enhances clarity of vision and contrast, Since the thin film used in preparation of these glasses acts essentially as tinted glass that absorbs some light and let go some of it hence lesser amount of ultraviolet rays come across your vision form ground level objects and for seeing into water.
  • Reduces eyestrain in differentiating objects from their surroundings. You would have noticed people trying to see through sunlight when they are focusing on a faraway object by putting hand on their eyes to avoid sunlight from getting directly into eyes. Frequent adjustments to the glare from reflections is taxing on the eyes and can lead to eye fatigue. It can also cause eye diseases as mentioned above and can impair the vision.
  • Conveys colors faithfully. Polarized glasses block harmful rays but that does not change the color pattern that eyes can see. It does not make objects look faded since it just reflects light it does not block it completely
  • Diminishes reflections and glare. These glasses also helps in increasing life of glass being used in eyeglasses by protecting it from overheating

Hence if you have to go and work or travel in sunlight, polarized glasses can be your best bet these are available in several color choices for online ordering at Voogueme.


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