Different Types Of Kurti To Rejuvenate Your Wardrobe


Kurtis has been around for a very long time, and they are loved by women all around the globe. Being a spectacular and sensational work of beauty, the traditional attire possesses a great deal of cultural significance. Kurtis comes in a wide range of colours, patterns, and designs. Nevertheless, all kurtas share something in common. Despite the notable differences, they are inordinately cosy and attractive. As far as choice is concerned, there is an endless number of options to choose from. This article lists the different types of designer kurtis to help you rock your wardrobe in the best way possible.

Different Types Of Designer Women Kurtis

1. Angrakha Kurti

This kurti was originally worn by Rajasthan men. However, it has made its way into women’s fashion. Unlike other kurti designs, the angrakha looks phenomenal when it has a traditional block print design as it gives a hint of tradition and heritage.

  1. Asymmetrical Kurti

As the name suggests, an asymmetrical kurti is basically asymmetrical in shape, and it lacks slits. The best thing about this kurti is that it is apt for all body types. It is an excellent choice for various events and occasions. Moreover, the asymmetrical kurti looks phenomenal with churidars, jeans, and jeggings.

  1. Kaftan Kurti

Kaftan kurti originated in the Middle East. This kurti is distinguished by a loose fit, a secured belt around the waist and wide flared arms. Depending on your personal style of choice, the kurti can be long or short. Furthermore, kaftan kurti is ideal for curvaceous women who love to look elegant.

  1. Chic Denim Kurti

Chic Denim Kurti is popularly known as the shirt style kurti, and it is great to be worn on casual days. This kurti suits people with a slim and toned lower body as it usually comes with mid-thigh length. Denim kurti looks perfect when it is paired with basic bottoms like cream, beige, and white.

  1. Tail Cut Kurti

Tail cut kurtis are shorter in the front and longer in the back. Moreover, the ratio of long to short varies according to your and the designers choice. It is a great choice for casual and semi-formal occasions. Additionally, Tail cut kurtis accentuates curves quite well.

  1. Anarkali Kurti

Anarkali kurtis have been quite prevalent in Bollywood. The design of this kurti is so diversified that you can wear to casual occasions and traditional weddings as well. Lastly, Anarkali kurti can be worn as a dress, and it suits all body types.

  1. Double layer kurti

The only major difference between a double layer kurti and other types of kurti is that it has an additional layer. It is either under the hemline or on top of the kurti. A large number of celebrities and fashion designers have appreciated this conventional attire. Besides offering a marvellous and aesthetic appearance, this kurti is suitable for all body types.

  1. Jacket style kurti

The jacket style kurti has the potential to style up any dress. Based on the way you style your outfit, you can create indigenous looks, western looks as well as indo-western looks. Most importantly, the kurti is perfect for a pear-shaped body type. Coming to combinations, the jacket style kurti blends well with churidars, palazzos, jeggings, crop tops, jeans, and lehengas.


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