Czech Glass Beads – The Most Popular Glass Beads


Matubo beads specialises in Czech glass beads. The name is trademarked, but the company which owns it has been in business for close on a century. And rightly so, for Czech glass beads are famous worldwide. The story goes that the Italian glass-blowers of Murano wouldn’t share their secrets with the Czech delegation sent to visit them, so the Czechs observed, took notes, went away and created our own craft in pressed glass beads.

And they’re rather good at it too, seeing as they have a wide variety of production techniques and coatings. Matubo Beads have beads in many different colours and finishes. Neons, two-tone, pearly, lustre, opaque, metallic and transparent options are all available. The solid wheel beads are eye catching and colourful, while the rulla beads are available in so many colours and finishes you won’t know where to start.

Czech glass beads of any kind can transform an item of clothing from ordinary to a bit of something special. T-shirts with a printed design can acquire a 3D look from the addition of beads to add accent colours. Scarves have added weight with beaded edges – no more straw hat bowling down the beach with a beaded scarf tied round the brim. Wedding and prom dresses positively glow when Czech glass beads are involved. These dresses may well also have glitter, sequins and even real gems as well, but the glass beads will draw the eye. Even something as simple as a beaded design on a hem can lift a perfectly plain cardigan or top.

And of course, many freelance crafters and designers know the strength of beading in jewelry, tapestry, knitting, holiday and seasonal decorations, gifts, purses and so much more. Almost anything involving textile or mixed media can be made to order with the addition of beads.

There is no doubt that Czech glass beads are the best for embellishment. Some people look at beads and see a pretty multicoloured heap. Others can see the next pair of earrings or bracelet, or know exactly where to place beads on a plain print to bring out the best in the print. Scrapbooking and silk flower centres are other areas where Czech glass beads are employed.

Carefully affixed to a painting or print, these dainty beads will both draw the eye and the light. They could even make the difference for someone trying to set up in business on their own, setting their designs apart from others by their brightness and lustre. Czech glass beads are so versatile, all kinds of clothing and mixed media art can benefit from their inclusion. For a special event such as a wedding or prom, Czech glass beads should be the default choice.

Matubo beads facility is situated in the heartland of the Czech glass bead making area. They have been around for a century, but the art of glass bead creation goes back centuries more. Just as well, given the historic and modern political upheavals in the area. Us locals held fast to our traditional crafts, no matter the external influences. Today, the production is more automated, but our traditional attention to detail and vibrant colours still remains.


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