Clothes for Baby Girls


Shopping clothes for a baby girl can be both exhilarating and frustrating. There is an endless amount of designed clothes for the small baby girl. But there is, as always, a need to be careful. Picking the right clothes for a baby girl is all about buying for the future, as the girl grows, and considering safety.
Shop large enough
The wonderful thing about a baby girl is that there are so many clothes designed for them. It is easy to overdo the shopping. The small child grows very fast, so there is really no use getting too many sweet dresses or jumpsuits for the baby that will get to small in a matter of weeks. Stay put and buy clothes a little bit too big for the baby girl, and the girl can be beautiful for a longer time, if only for a couple of months. And if you really like a piece of clothing, get more of it in different sizes.
Colors and patterns
A baby girl traditionally wears pink and red clothes. But colors as yellow, white and natural colors all work well on a baby girl. Patterns vary endlessly, with flowers, dots, cartoons, stripes and funny characters. Details as bows and embroidered appliqués of all sorts are also common on baby girl clothes. There is also a very pleasant trend heading for minimalism. Clean cut clothes for the cool little baby, is not a boy thing any more. It is equally suitable for the baby girl.
It can be a temptation dressing up a girl in pink with flowers and ribbons all over the place. But think again. If you plan to have more than one child, it is smarter to get the more unisex kind of clothes, and spice up the wardrobe with some really nice little girly pieces. The same goes with choosing trendy or classical clothes. Trends just go that far. They are soon to be left for another trend.
As there are plenty of clothes on the market for baby girls that are cute but not really practical, there is a point in checking the utility of the clothes before buying them. Buttons and bows as well as embroidered appliqués can be very frustrating, and can easily get ripped. There is also a matter of safety for the child. They can choke on a button not staying put, or get caught in the bows if they are lively.


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