Clothes for Baby Boys


Just a look at the collections made for baby boys nowadays, the mind might turn. There are plenty of trendy, classical, vintage, cool and funky clothes out there.
Classical or trendy? What do you want? The choices are truly endless, and a good start is to decide what kind of wardrobe the little boy is going to have. Rock n´roll is trendy, especially on boys. Funky is another word that comes in mind while talking about trends for the little ones. Cool jeans, funky leather jackets or why not Converse All Stars? It is all available in small sizes.
Classical clothes can be smarter, especially if the boy is the first child, and there are more children to be expected, or if the clothes are to be sold second hand. The same goes for vintage. Just remember: the child is not a doll, it´s a he – and should be treated as one, not as a doll to dress up for the parent´s sake. Make it simple, but with a thought.
Think about what time of the year it is, and how little time there is between sizes for an infant. If summer is here, buy summer clothes that suits the climate. A child does best in proper clothes adjusted to the temperature. There will be time to buy fitting winter clothes later, in the new size as a child continuously grows.
Easy to use
There are some clothes to avoid. That includes all the clothes that are picky to put on. Bodysuits, creepers, and warmer clothes to put on if needed are just the kind of clothes a baby needs. If the sun is warm, or if it is cold, a beanie is also much of use. Everything should be of a material that is soft and nice to the skin. As the child gets bigger, one comes a long way with pants and shirts. Just don´t forget the feet, unless the child does wear a creeper. Small socks and maybe, if bigger, a pair of cool shoes.
The difference between girl and boy clothes depends foremost on the colors and patterns chosen. Well, dresses don´t seem to go well with boys either. Anyway, the typical boy color is blue, in any variation. White, black, red, yellow and green are also suitable for a boy, not to mention all the beautiful natural colors available, perfect for an active child of any age or any gender.
Boy clothes seldom come in such a variety of patterns as the girl clothes do. Stripes, polka stripes, anchors, seahorses and other animals such as elephants, squirrels, rabbits and such are fine. Of course, monsters of all kinds are always appreciated. Fruits, cars and motorcycles are also very popular images on boy clothes. But in the right context, even flowers work on a boy. It all depends on the overall picture.


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