Celebrity Beauty Tips At A Glance


Who else to get beauty tips then from people who making a living off it?  That’s right, this round of tips come right from the source of beauty itself:  Models.  But don’t worry, these tips won’t cost you an arm and a leg and are practical.  So sit back and enjoy these model beauty tips.

 Hair trouble?  Well, rub some talcum powder through it.  This works well if your hair has lost some of it’s luster or is a little dull.  Talcum powder is super cheap and can be found at your nearest walmart.  And it works fairly quickly!

 Looking to make your smile shine just a bit more?  This little gem will save you time and money.  Instead of buying those whitening kits, just get a little case of strawberries.  Yes, you can eat some of them, or maybe use them with your date, but make sure you keep a couple of them for your teeth.  Why?  Well, rub one on your teeth and find out they should whiten up your teeth nicely!  Just make sure that you don’t get any of the strawberry in your teeth, that would kind of defeat the purpose.  And nothing says more without saying anything then a beautiful smile!

 Get your favorite brand of hemorrhoid cream ready, we got a couple of good ideas you can use with it!  First, we’ll get rid of those baggy eyes.  No one likes those bags on their face but sometimes, life happens and you can’t avoid it.  Not only can you not avoid it, but you sure as heck don’t have the time to use the traditional remedies of ice bags or cucumbers!  Those tricks can take hours.  So rub a little preperation H  on them and POW, bags be gone!  It’s just how that stuff works, by bringing down swelling and tightening the skin.

 We told you we had a couple of ideas with hemorrhoid cream, so here is number two.  You can use them on those dreaded “spidery veins” that have a tendancy to show up on your legs when you least suspect it.  Believe it or not, but rubbing some of that “magical” cream will cause those veins to vanish, most of the time within minutes of putting it on.  No wonder this little item could probably be found amongst a models personal arseonal.

 Stay tuned for more beauty tips, or take a glance at our other posts


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