Beauty Mistakes You Might Be Making Before Your Wedding


Being a bride is not at all an easy task as you really need to put in a lot of efforts to nail your bridal look. It takes months to prep yourself to look all radiant on the D-Day! You must have booked one of the best wedding halls, makeup artist and have selected the best bridal lehenga, so you don’t want to ruin that day with any single mistake. The most important factor that plays a major role is your beauty and health. You really need to look flawless, so that your makeup can do full justice to your look. While that whole pre-bridal thing happening, there are some mistakes that people commit unknowingly which could ruin the look you desired for your wedding day. So, here we are to help you out by acquainting you with the common beauty mistakes you don’t want to make before the wedding day…

Drinking too much on the cocktail

We know it’s your wedding and must be the last day of your bachelorhood but, you need to go on easy on alcohol. A hangover can totally ruin your health which may also be seen on your face. You just can’t afford a tired or hungover face on your wedding day.

Changing your beauty routine

If you are using a particular product on your face that is doing perfectly for your beauty routine then we will advise not to switch from that. Introducing new products or altering them could lead to unexpected reactions. So, it’s better not to experiment with any new product or even treatment.

Neglecting an emergency kit

This can prove to be a major mistake that you will do before the wedding day. It is a total life saver as it includes safety pins, double-sided sticky tape, a small sewing kit, a small pair of scissors, blotting papers, a razor, deodorant, Band-Aids, a small packs of tissue, nail polish remover, clear nail polish, an emery board, a nail clipper, makeup remover wipes, tampons, and anything else you think you might need.

Not taking makeup trials

This is a must and you dare not avoid a makeup trial with your makeup artist. The makeup trial is a must as it one of the first times you will get to a chance to have a good look at how you are going to really look on your wedding day. So, it is always suggested to ask for makeup trials from your MUA.

Not buying the right kind of lehenga

The fabric, colour as well as the embroidery of the lehenga matters a lot while selecting the perfect bridal lehenga. Plus, there are some factors that need to be considered before buying the lehengas. These include the weather, time, trend, as well as what kind of wedding farmhouse you are getting married at. It is really important to consider these things before getting the perfect lehenga.

We hope this will help you to avoid all kind of goof ups on your wedding day!


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