Barbara Montalvo – 2020 Style Tips for Petite Girls


Petite girls can be as glamorous as their taller counterparts. Fashion bloggers and eminent designers say that short girls have several style choices to make this year. With some awareness, they can dress up in the right way and grab the limelight wherever they go!

Barbara Montalvo – What should petite girls choose for 2020?

Barbara Montalvo is a leading fashion blogger known for her high-end and street style fashion. She is from New York and shares the latest fashion runway news and tips for her followers and readers. She says that petite girls should wear dresses that make them look taller and slender. It is important for them not to blindly follow fashion trends. They should make good fashion choices and can develop their own unique style if they are smart enough to shop for the right stuff. She suggests petite girls fill their wardrobes with-  

  • Cropped silhouettes- Cropped styles are in this year, and so if you are a short girl, buy many of them and wear them with high waisted bottoms. This look is a simple one and will not make you look baggy.

  • Dump the shirt dresses and invest in wrap dresses- If you are small and short, never make the mistake of wearing a shirt dress. Its size will swallow you up. Try a wrap dress instead, as this accentuates your features and makes you look quite trendy. 

  • Don’t go in for layered clothing- Be smart and go in for chic suit pants. Layers will not compliment your body type even though it is in vogue. Instead, choose well-tailored blazers that are sleek to complement your style this season. The major fashion runways at Paris, Milan, London, and New York were flooded with suits this year; the Bermuda short suit style was a hot favourite that came back after several years as it was last seen in the 1990s.  

  • Stripes are in but choose vertical stripes- Stripes were dominant this year on the major fashion runways; however, if you are a short girl, choose vertical stripes for your outfits. They make you look taller, and you will look amazing in photographs as well.

  • Do not wear printed jumpsuits- You should choose jumpsuits that are made of a single solid color. Prints will make you look shorter and overwhelm a small frame. Solid colors make a strong style statement, and they look quite flattering too. 

  • Straight leg jeans are better over loose-fitting ones- Straight legged jeans are ideal for petite girls over the loose-fitting pants in the market. If you buy oversized jeans, you will become drowned in a sea of blue denim.

Barbara Montalvo says the above are just some of the style boosters you can embrace for 2020 if you are a petite girl. Remember that you should buy fabrics you are comfortable wearing and if you live in hot climates, make sure you buy light solid colors. Your shoes should complement your outfits, and if you wear heels, make sure they are comfortable, especially if you need to spend long hours standing or walking!


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