Bangles: Fascinating History; Beautiful Modern Designs


People who are interested in bangles, especially those produced by today’s fine jewellery designers and creators, often find their interest in these beautiful items growing rapidly when they add a piece or two to their collection. Sometimes, this interest extends to the fascinating history of this rigid bracelet, which may have had its origins in traditional ornamentation of India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. There is a theory that brides wore glass bangles at the wedding and that the honeymoon lasted until the bangle broke.

Throughout the years, this type of jewellery has been made of gold, steel, and stone, along with copper and bronze. Very early examples are believed to have been in use hundreds of years before the birth of Christ, with some being made using copper and gold leaf to produce a stunning effect. Today’s designers don’t stray too far from the classic look and feel of bangles, though they are able to produce some outstanding pieces with slight variations to draw the attention of the most discerning buyer.

Twenty-first Century Beauty

Modern Thomas Sabo bangles are available which have spherical ends displaying a unique zig-zag design all in sterling silver. Similar bangles have skull-shaped ends for a unique look and feel, or perhaps you’d prefer the dragon-head terminals for a more sophisticated appearance. One of the more popular designs is the stylised whale fin complemented by the Maori wave-shaped design. This same thin band design can be ordered with pearl terminals and with heart-shaped terminals, as well.

Customers may also prefer the love cuff style of sterling silver with rose gold or yellow gold plating. This same style is available in sterling silver finish, and in two distinct widths to suit your personal tastes. To go in a slightly different direction, intricate arabesque design with cutouts in sterling silver might be your choice. A special edition includes onyx or mother of pearl discs. Even more intricate designs are offered with the blue spinel featuring a lotus flower design or rose gold/rose quartz.

Exquisite Collections

Whatever your personal preference, you’ll find your choice presented in special packaging, including gift bag and box. The bangles and all Thomas Sabo products are covered by full warranty for up to years from date of purchase. This has been one of the most sought-after names in exquisite jewellery since its founding more than thirty years ago. In less than two decades, the company named for its founder not only offered its Sterling Silver Collection through select dealers but also opened a standalone shop in Frankfurt, Germany (the first of several).

With impressive growth in the industry, Sabo enlisted the aid of a few well-known celebrities to spread the word about the remarkable collections offered. From the initial one-person operation, Thomas Sabo products are now produced by a collection of almost 500 employees. In addition to the bangle designs mentioned, you can also select from a range of women’s and men’s jewellery, diamonds, and engravable pieces. Join many others in the company’s popular Charm Club, a collection featuring charms, bracelets, charm carriers, chains, cords, and chokers. All are produced to fit themes such as Autumn, Animals, Love & Friendship, Country & City, and more.



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