Baby Clothes to Avoid


Clothes for a baby is not foremost for making a fashion statement. Baby Clothes is used to protect the baby, and must not in any terms harm the baby. Here are some tips regarding clothes and parts of clothes a parent really should avoid:

  1. Irritating fabrics
    Baby skin is extremely sensitive. Rashes and acne in the early life can lead to problems when growing up. Look for fabrics that are as natural as possible and that don´t irritate the young one´s skin. The fabric is supposed to be soft on the skin. Fussy clothes can also be irritating for the child. Cotton is a good bet. But remember that the cotton clothes shrink when they are put into the washer machine.
  2. Too tight
    Babies grow fast, really fast. The clothes that fitted one week, are normally too small the other. Be sure to buy clothes bigger than the size of today, especially as a child is much more comfortable in loose fitting garments. A good idea is to look for stretchy clothes.
  3. Hand washing
    If the clothes are delicate enough to require hand washing – don´t buy them. The same goes for clothes that need ironing or have details that get messy if you don´t put extra time on it. The time available is best spent on the child, not on the clothes.
  4. Loose yarns
    Some clothes with patterns have a backside filled with loose yarn, especially socks. The yarn can catch the baby´s toes or fingers and hurt the child.
  5. Denim
    Real denim might look cute and cool. But the fabric is way to harsh for a young baby boy or girl.
  6. Zippers
    Zippers can catch the baby´s skin and hurt the baby. It is far better with buttons, even if the clothes with buttons can be a little bit fuzzier to put on. Be sure that the buttons fit right into the holes and stay put.
  7. Decorations
    Decorations and buttons that can be pulled off are not good for a baby. Buttons are supposed to be on the back of the shirt or suit.


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