A Guide on What Are the Best Pearls to Buy


Pearls form an integral part of jewelry. They are much in demand as compared to the other jewelry like gold and diamond. Since ancient times, these gemstones were highly desired among people. These were worn by royals to show their royalty on various occasions.

These pearls are mostly round and white and are draped in long strands and worn in the form of an earring, necklace, bracelet, etc. There are various designs of pearl jewelry available on Pearlsonly.ca you can buy jewelry according to your needs. The styles offered in pearl jewelry are fashionable and amazing. You can buy this jewelry in various colors, sizes and shapes.

There are basically four types of cultured pearls and they include Freshwater pearls and there are three types of saltwater pearls called Akoya pearls, South Sea pearls and Tahitian pearls. The size ranges from 1.5 mm in diameter to 20 mm in diameter. The shapes are oval and round. The natural colors include creamy white, shades of pink, hues of silver grey, purple, black and blue.

The Best Pearls Suitable for Buying

Whenever you are purchasing pearl jewelry you need to consider the grading of pearl, its luster and design of the jewelry.

  • Pearl Grading

There are various pearl grading systems used in the pearl industry. You can choose pearl jewelry that satisfies the grading norms and it has been graded by an expert. Do not make a purchase when there is no information about pearl grading system.

  • Luster

It refers to the amount of light that is reflected from the pearl’s surface. You can purchase pearls having a good luster that provides transparency, catches the light. The classic Akoya pearls are highly lustrous in nature. The pearls which are shiny are most valuable.

  • Beautiful Jewelry Design

Choose such jewelry designs which present the best features of pearls.


Thus, the above-mentioned tips guide you in buying your pearl jewelry which enhances your looks. The various designs offered in pearl jewelry also complement the pearls and as well as the luster and the grading which is provided to them.


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