Ah, the t-shirt. Its simplicity makes it the great equalizer of online shopping; once you know your size, you can pretty much order any t-shirt without trying it on and have a solid chance at a good fit. So now that we’ve established that you don’t need to leave the couch OR put on pants to get a nice tee, where should the hunt begin?

Barking Irons (barkingirons.com): This New York-based designer has some nice print tees, although their pricing leaves a bit to be desired – $52 for a t-shirt just feels wrong, doesn’t it? The real gem is their graphic-free “Brando Tee”, a simple shirt with a flattering cut that calls to mind the classic, swaggering cool of Streetcar-era Brando. Sold exclusively online and available in a $50 2-pack, this is a great option for people who are tired of boxy t-shirts and are trying to get someone to compare them to Brando eventually.

Desteenation (desteenation.com): This company racks up mileage collecting souvenir t-shirts from all the cool little hole-in-the-wall spots in the country and re-selling them to you, the painfully hip consumer. Their large stock of shirts all link to the small business it came from, so the site doubles as a collection of travel tips. Finding a hidden gem from your own hometown wouldn’t be out of the question, and being able to give an answer when people ask you where your t-shirt is from will save you from that awkward moment where you shrug and admit that you just have the t-shirt.

Threadless (threadless.com) and Design By Humans (designbyhumans.com): These two companies share the philosophy that buying t-shirts should be a peer-to-peer transaction without sticky-fingered companies or labels involved. Depending on their popularity, the designs are either one-of-a-kind or reprinted, but either way this is another opportunity to support artists directly while securing yourself a new shirt. The sheer number of artists featured on both sites means that some intensive browsing will be in order to find something that really grabs you, but the fact that these shirts all come from a single artist’s mind rather than a corporate review process guarantees some incredible designs. Plus, pricing is always kept on the reasonable side. Bless those starving artists on their impossibly low standards for success.

Mr. Porter (mrporter.com): Mr. Porter is an online retailer that supplies clothes by designers who otherwise don’t have an online sales presence, so this isn’t so much a great place for anyone to find t-shirts, but those with a specifically high-class taste will. No graphics or kitsch here, just basic t-shirts with excellent fits, subtle colors and occasionally jaw-dropping price tags. Included here because, all jokes aside, the shirts on this site are designed to make anyone look impossibly cool. It’s also the kind of site where the model wearing the t-shirt is also wearing a big scarf and holding a leather weekend bag. Just because


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