4 Tips to Remedy Your Drooping Eyelids


Often, drooping eyelids are mistaken with hooded eyelids. No, hooded can be considered sexy, drooping or sagging lids can be a sign of aging.

Drooping lids most often is a sign of aging. The loss of skin elasticity can also be the culprit. Once drooping lids cannot be remedied, it may progressively worse after a passage of time. Once the tissue around the eyes loses firmness, it loses the ability as well of holding back increased weight of the eyelid skin tissue.

Other Medical Causes

Drooping lids though may not only be a sign that your age is going at a faster rate, faster than you can cope with it. It can be caused by certain medical conditions as well. Here is the list:

Thyroid dysfunction
Oxidative stress
But then in some cases, eyelid drooping may be caused by dermatochalasis. Dermatochalasis is the formation of excess eyelid skin, in the upper lid particularly. Once this happens, the connective tissue under the skin because lax causing baggy lids.

Drooping Lids—Aesthetically Unappealing

More often, when you have drooping lids, you have the tell tale sign of aging. And it’s not only you that can tell, those people you meet as well. Often, when you have this look, you are often told to look tired and older. An ultimate mood killer.

An improved eyelid often restores confidence, physical appearance and adds more attractiveness to the person.

Treatments for Drooping Lids—Natural and Medical

There are different remedies. Of course each depends on the availability and your willingness as well to spend time and money. Techniques used by surgeons and cosmetic doctors are often effective but a bit expensive. But then beauty ahs a price isn’t it?

Upper Eyelid Cosmetic Surgery. This is medically known as Blepharoplasty. Blepharoplasty is the eyelid surgery procedure. Once it is used for dropping lids, it can involve surgery for the upper eyelid of the patient. It may involve a couple of trimming, fat removal from the lid and tightening of the muscles around the lids. Eyelid drooping treatment is very common among those who are experiencing these cosmetic problems.
Fillers. There are differ types of fillers one can use. But only a doctor can determine which is more useful and safe for the eyelid. The filler may firm up and volumes up the upper lid thus lifting it up. The sagging then will be minimized.
Thermage. This technique is using some thermage technology. It requires a very selective machine only used for the procedure and may require the expertise of a surgeon trained for the procedure.
Natural remedy, egg white. Well an egg white isn’t expensive so it’s worth a try. To do it you have to prepare the following:
Egg white separated from the yolk
Cotton buds
Your make up free lids
What you will do is to dip the cotton buds in the egg white mixture. Then rub it in the crease of your eyelid, have as much as you can but don’t let it drip. You can apply and reapply it until you get the result. The egg white removes the wrinkles, tightens skin and minimize the appearance of the saggy lids. But of course it can’t be permanent, you have to apply it every day or as you need it.

There different nice ways to it. A natural remedy can be beneficial and easy but it can be not so permanent solution. Surgical operations can be permanent but it requires your money and time. But of course, beauty is investment right? So have a go to where your heart is.


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