Armani Watches – The Epitome of Celebrity Fashion and Sophistication

Armani is the essence of all that is impeccable and refined in the world of watches. Essentially known for their sense of flamboyant yet graceful fashion, the brand initiated the creation of watches by the name of Emporio Armani watches in 1991. The whole collection including clothes, jewelry, watches and accessories is based on minute details and purely modernistic designs. The symbol of the eagle on every Armani product is a seal of perfection which represents glamour and quality. These are no doubt inspired by the classic sense of style. In the brand’s essence, the tradition is combined with the contemporary ornaments in such a way that it makes their products wearable by everyone and the brand has something for each individual.

Superstars Who Sport Armani

As the title suggests, Armani stands for style and sophistication. This is proven beyond doubt when we take a look at the number and reputation of the renowned people who exhibited their fashion choice in choosing the brand for their chronological wardrobe. Ever since the brand Emporio Armani commenced in 1991, celebrities like John Travolta and Michelle Pfeiffer were the first celebrities to wear Armani products and to show off the designer’s unique and flamboyant sense of style, reflected on the wearer.

Today, celebrities who are well known the world over like Victoria and David Beckham, Megan Fox, Cristiano Ronaldo as well as the celebrated singer Rihanna have become well-known faces of the brand. Even if just one famous person, who is not even a celebrity, wears a designer product and creates waves with it, there is a cult following of the same style and product and it goes viral overnight. The same happened with the Armani watch philosophy, Classic, when John Travolta wore it for the first time in 1992 and was seen wearing it in one of his movies. Among the first people to flaunt Armani were the legendary celebrities Richard Gere and Jodie Foster.

Thus it is not a small issue for people to be overwhelmed with anything but envy by the thought of the fashion tycoon’s massive wealth and splendor.

Classic vs. Meccanico

The Classic variety in Giorgio Armani’s ultra famous brand has been a great mass recognition achiever for the gentleman. This variety includes a vast assortment of characteristic styles of rounded and shaped watch dials and casings. These also come with a great choice of colors and materials in the wristbands which come in either solid stainless steel or classic leather straps. These watches have three sizes: small, medium and large, in stainless-steel casings. Also, there are additional features in each of the Armani watches including colored crystals of assorted minerals encrusted in the dials, remote second hands, removable buckles and even calendars. Some watches even have a logo that is etched on the sides of the watch for prominence.

Conversely, the Meccanico is a very different type of watch from the Classic variety. This is because it is based on an entirely different philosophy of spirit. Whereas the Classics are affordable and may be worn by anyone who is fashion conscious, the Meccanico watches are typically out of the ordinary as well as on the higher end of the price meter. These Armani watches combine technology and class in a wonderful mixture resulting in elegance and a ‘retro’ sense of old-world and pre-war sophistication. They are made with technical sophistication and refined style to elevate the personality of the wearer twofold. They are based on both mechanical as well as automatic movements. Meccanico watches are mostly leather strapped in different shades and have an open visible mechanical system.

First Time? What You Need To Know About Facial Treatment?

Want your face to be beautiful and devoid of pimples and acne? Facial is one of the easiest fix out there. If you never had experienced this amazing regimen in your life, this can be the best time to get started.

What Will You Get When You Get a Facial?

Facials fix common skin problems. The body’s natural processes can dull the skin and it is something that you have to quickly attend to. Though facial works nothing like magic, there are awesome ways that it can do for your skin:

1. Improves the skin condition especially when it is dry or oily.

2. Rejuvenates the skin to prevent wrinkles.

3. Unclogs pores.

4. De-stresses the skin.

5. Provides a smoother skin texture and a glowing complexion.

Common Questions of Facial First-Timers

Does facial hurt? When the skin care professional is extracting blackheads or squeezing out skin impurities and clogged pores, the discomfort you will feel is normal though this is far from feeling tremendous pain.

Can it cure acne? Because facial cleanses the skin, it helps in preventing break-outs. However, in terms of creating acne, this is basically depending on the severity of the breakout. If the problem is severe, better consult a dermatologist first to give you a therapy.

Does it provide long-term effects? Facial can be a regular skin care regimen because it does not provide long-term effects. Normally, the longevity of the facial is up to you with the assistance of your chosen skin care products.

Facial Preparations

1. Facials are relaxing and definitely a great process to keep your face bright and clear, but the process is not a responsibility of a surgeon alone, you have to make your own preparations to make sure that you will enjoy a good effect.

2. Know the issues that you specifically want to address (Is it dry skin? Is it oily skin?), and the goals that you want to achieve. Think about the issues that bothers you about your skin.

3. Consult an esthetician for recommendations on facial offerings that fit your needs.

4. Stay out of the sun prior to the facial procedure. If your goal is pore cleansing and extractions, schedule the treatment on or before the weekend when you do not have to go anywhere and you can let your skin rest. For people who are getting a facial in preparation for a big event, get an appointment a few days before.

5. Skip any DIY facial treatments at home before the procedure.

Post-Facial Care

Depending on the type of facial that you have had, it is normal to experience rosiness in your skin that can last for at least 2 hours. It is suggested to free your face of make up after the procedure to soak up all the benefits of the treatment, but if you have to ask any of the facial surgeon if there is anything that is prohibited to apply immediately after.

If you enjoyed the effects of your facial, book another appointment for once or twice a month base on your budget and needs. Too much facial can damage the skin. Moreover, if you want a thorough treatment for acne scars, wrinkles, and other skin irregularities, facial laser resurfacing can be your best bet.

4 Tips to Remedy Your Drooping Eyelids

Often, drooping eyelids are mistaken with hooded eyelids. No, hooded can be considered sexy, drooping or sagging lids can be a sign of aging.

Drooping lids most often is a sign of aging. The loss of skin elasticity can also be the culprit. Once drooping lids cannot be remedied, it may progressively worse after a passage of time. Once the tissue around the eyes loses firmness, it loses the ability as well of holding back increased weight of the eyelid skin tissue.

Other Medical Causes

Drooping lids though may not only be a sign that your age is going at a faster rate, faster than you can cope with it. It can be caused by certain medical conditions as well. Here is the list:

Thyroid dysfunction
Oxidative stress
But then in some cases, eyelid drooping may be caused by dermatochalasis. Dermatochalasis is the formation of excess eyelid skin, in the upper lid particularly. Once this happens, the connective tissue under the skin because lax causing baggy lids.

Drooping Lids—Aesthetically Unappealing

More often, when you have drooping lids, you have the tell tale sign of aging. And it’s not only you that can tell, those people you meet as well. Often, when you have this look, you are often told to look tired and older. An ultimate mood killer.

An improved eyelid often restores confidence, physical appearance and adds more attractiveness to the person.

Treatments for Drooping Lids—Natural and Medical

There are different remedies. Of course each depends on the availability and your willingness as well to spend time and money. Techniques used by surgeons and cosmetic doctors are often effective but a bit expensive. But then beauty ahs a price isn’t it?

Upper Eyelid Cosmetic Surgery. This is medically known as Blepharoplasty. Blepharoplasty is the eyelid surgery procedure. Once it is used for dropping lids, it can involve surgery for the upper eyelid of the patient. It may involve a couple of trimming, fat removal from the lid and tightening of the muscles around the lids. Eyelid drooping treatment is very common among those who are experiencing these cosmetic problems.
Fillers. There are differ types of fillers one can use. But only a doctor can determine which is more useful and safe for the eyelid. The filler may firm up and volumes up the upper lid thus lifting it up. The sagging then will be minimized.
Thermage. This technique is using some thermage technology. It requires a very selective machine only used for the procedure and may require the expertise of a surgeon trained for the procedure.
Natural remedy, egg white. Well an egg white isn’t expensive so it’s worth a try. To do it you have to prepare the following:
Egg white separated from the yolk
Cotton buds
Your make up free lids
What you will do is to dip the cotton buds in the egg white mixture. Then rub it in the crease of your eyelid, have as much as you can but don’t let it drip. You can apply and reapply it until you get the result. The egg white removes the wrinkles, tightens skin and minimize the appearance of the saggy lids. But of course it can’t be permanent, you have to apply it every day or as you need it.

There different nice ways to it. A natural remedy can be beneficial and easy but it can be not so permanent solution. Surgical operations can be permanent but it requires your money and time. But of course, beauty is investment right? So have a go to where your heart is.

Guys, Tighten Your Belts: Know How To Select The Right Belt Buckles

Belt buckles for men have since time immemorial been a perfect combination of expression and function. While some people can argue that neckties are the best way of expressing style among men, the truth is that ties rarely serve any other function besides complimenting a suit or a dress shirt. On the other hand, a belt buckle fastens the belt which holds the trousers up. As such, it is all about style and practicality. But how can you select the right belt buckle for you?


The first thing you should consider when selecting a perfect belt buckle for you is size. It is important that the buckle you choose corresponds well with the type of your body. For instance, robust men look great in large buckles. Men with small frames, on the other hand, look best in small buckles. Opting for belt buckles with an opposite size to the type of your body can make you appear out of proportion. Also, you should ensure that your buckle matches the size of your belt. Having a buckle that looks fabulous on an awesome belt makes no sense if the buckle isn’t able to fasten your belt and keep the pants up. Still, on the same note, it is important that you opt for a belt buckle with an adjustable close. Your body’s weight fluctuates over the year and will even vary between mealtimes. Thus, it is vital that you have a buckle that allows you to easily adjust the belt as necessary.


Different belt buckles are designated for different occasions and it is essential that you choose a buckle that matches a certain occasion. Actually, buckles are pretty inexpensive and you can afford to have selected buckles designated for various occasions. When making a choice, just think of where and how you intend to wear your buckles. For instance, buckles with a simple design are a perfect choice for daily use. You can perhaps opt for a buckle that depicts your favorite hobby, military background or profession. If you are looking for something to wear on formal occasions, you should consider buckles in silver or gold and a little more ornate ones. However, you will need to be careful as ornate buckles tend to look odd unless you are actually an artist. Also, shiny buckles aren’t always a great choice as they not only look garish but are distracting as well.

Over the years, the popularity of western styled belt buckles has increased and many people are choosing these buckles for making a fashion statement. In this case, you will need to pair your buckle with a western styled shirt and jeans. It is quite inappropriate to wear the buckle in another way as it can appear as if you are just posing. When shopping for buckles, you can launch your search on the Internet where you are assured of finding a multitude of great designs and styles available to choose from.

How To Pick The Right Boots For Women – 5 Tips That Will Help

Boots are definitely one of the most popular shoes among women now a days. Some women don’t know where to begin when they go shopping for a pair of boots. There are so many different varieties that it can definitely leave you with your head spinning. Check out 5 tips to help you select the best pair of women’s boots.

What You Plan on Wearing Them With

You have to already have in your head what you plan to wear with your boots once you get them. Knowing what you want to wear with your boots will help you decide what style of boots you should get. If you want a nice pair of boots to wear to a party then a nice pair of dress boots will do you justice. Dress boots are stylish and you’ll be able to wear them with skirts, dresses, or even pants.

What Height Do You Prefer

Boots come in a variety of different heights. If you think you prefer short boots you can go with some ankle height boots. If you think you would prefer something with a little more height you can go for boots that come up midway to your calf.

Then there are knee high boots which will give you a lot more height. Lastly, if you are looking for boots with a lot of height go with the thigh high boots. Knee high and thigh high boots will help make your legs look longer and help you make a bold fashion statement.

The higher the boots the more attention you will be drawing to your outfit. Go with shorter boots if you know your personality or style is more on the reserved side.


The type of clothes you wear with your boots is very important. If you want to wear a long dress or skirt you can wear boots that come mid way up your calf. For shorter dresses and skirts you an go with knee high or mid calf boots for the best look.

You can wear thigh high boots with mini skirts or mini dresses to show off your legs, which will be accentuated thanks to the high boots. Wear ankle high or mid calf height boots with your jeans or skinnies.

Heel Size

If you know you can’t walk very well in high heels look for boots that have heels 3 inches or less. If you aren’t sure what heel size you can wear without hurting your feet and ankles try on different pairs of boots with different heel heights and widths. This might take you the most time when it comes to choosing the right pair of boots.

Think About Comfort

With whatever pair of boots you choose you need to make sure they are comfortable when you wear them. Avoid shopping for boots on the Internet as you won’t be able to try them on until they arrive in the mail.

Go into different stores and try on different styles of boots before you buy anything. You will quickly notice that some boots fit more comfortable than others. If you think you might want some boots that come up to your thigh or knee make sure your legs aren’t uncomfortable while within the boots.

It can take you a while to figure out what type of boots you want so don’t rush it. Take your time and walk around in whatever pair of boots you try on to see if they are a good fit. While you are walking around in them you are looking to see if the boots cut off the circulation in your legs, pinch your ankles, or make your toes rub together.

You should have a look at their footwear range and uncover more about women’s clothing fashion and get everything you need to look your best.