8 Simple Hairstyles To Cruise You Through Your College Life


It is so important for every college girl to look their absolute best and achieve a great look in short amounts of time, since you probably don’t have all the time in the world to do your hair every single morning before class. Here are some of the simplest hairstyles that you can do everyday that look cute as a button and are practical and chic.

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  1. Side ponytail

This is ideal for girls who have longer hair. Part your hair on the sides and tie your hair up in a ponytail on the opposite side of the parting. Ensure that the ponytail is tied at the nape of the neck for a clean look. Pin down any stray strands of hair and you are good to go out the door in a jiffy.

  1. Half updo

If you don’t have the time to do a full updo, this is a quick fix that you can do in a very short amount of time and is super easy. It is also practical as it prevents the hair from falling all over your face while you are trying to take notes. Comb your hair from the front and pin it at the back of your head or tie it up with a hair tie. Let the rest fall freely from the shoulders to soften your facial features and accentuate the jawline.

  1. Wavy knot

This is a very simple and cute hairdo for college girls and makes you look fun, flirty and playful. Take some strands of the hair above your ears and tie them in a knot at the back of your hair or braid them together for a fun and flirty look. You can even use some hair pins to secure them in place or rock some cute hair accessories.

  1. Classy chic

For dressier college events, you can go for a Grecian-inspired hairdo. It is not as hard as it looks. You will need a thin headband. Wear the headband at about the ear level across the back and start rolling the lower part of your hair inside the headband till it is completely secure. Pin it in place and use floral or pearl hair accessories for a classy look.

  1. A ponytail

 Kim Kardashian brought the ponytail back and in a big way. To get that signature Kim K look, straighten your hair as much as possible. Part it at the centre and backcomb to get some volume. Comb the hair to straighten it again and then pull the strands into a tight high ponytail to get a classy look that doesn’t look flat.

  1. Upside down

This is one of the more advanced level hairstyles on the list and can look super intricate and interesting but will take some practice to get used to. Flip your hair upside down and comb it through thoroughly to get rid of any knots in the hair. Start braiding your hair into a French braid, starting from the nape of the neck and stopping at the middle. With the rest of the hair, make a bun and pin it down for a cool hairstyle.

  1. The hun

The hun or the half bun is a child of the top knot and the half updo. Comb your hair as usual for the half-updo and instead of making a ponytail, make a bun and secure it down with some hair ties and hair pins. This is a simple and easy hairstyle that takes very little effort and looks very cute and can help keep your hair off your face for the long lectures.

  1. Like a mermaid

This is again a more elaborate hairstyle that can be better for any type of event that is taking place at your college and can be a dressier option that is still pretty accessible and doesn’t need you to spend big bucks at a salon. You will need a hair curler with a wider rod and some volumizing mousse(optional, if you have thick hair) for this look. Shampoo your hair; add the volumizing mousse and blow dry it to get some volume started. Start curling your hair to get the “beachy waves” hair look. Start braiding your hair in a waterfall braid, from the front of the hairline on both sides. Pin both the braids in the middle to complete the look.


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